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Friday, December 16, 2016

Baby, It's Cold Outside - Stylish Winter Coats

It's below freezing in the NYC area today. While I love winter style, staying both warm and stylish in frigid temperatures is skill I'm still trying to hone.  The moment it hits blow thirty degrees, I reach for almost anything that keeps me warm. This is where I'll most often choose comfort over style. Yet, style and comfort aren't mutually exclusive in the winter, especially with a stylish coat and the right winter accessories. Plus, if it's frigid, who cares what you're wearing if you're not going to take off the coat anyway? A few months ago, I decided to cultivate a more neutral closet, including neutral colored outwear.  The photos below have me rethinking that decision - at the very least I want a statement making coat in red, pink or blue. As the weather gets cooler, I'll continue to keep my eye out for winter style inspiration. Enjoy the stylish inspiration and shop a few coats I've linked below.

Image via Pinterest, Similar Coat here

Photos via Urban Bush Babes

Photo via; find a similar classic grey coat, here

Tiffany Battle of The Werk Place

I adore this look, photo via Fashion Bomb Daily, chic light blue coat here



  1. I always wanted a red winter coat even though it's currently 80 degrees where I live lol


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