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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Celebrate Prom Season With Macy's

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It's been years since I graduated high school, but I can still remember shopping for my prom dress and accessories. I remember the adrenaline induced shopping trips, looking to find the perfect color, cut and fit. For me, my senior prom was a big deal, it was part of celebrating my high school experience and to create a beautiful memory with my dress. I wanted a beautiful dress to be part of that memory.

This year one of my younger cousins will be attending her senior prom and I am super excited for her. I can only imagine how excited she must be thinking about prom, her dress, the shoes, the accessories! Whether you, your daughter, friend or family member will be going to prom this year, Macy's is hosting a fashion show and shopping party featuring some of the hottest prom dresses and accessories. New York, let's celebrate the prom season together at Macy's Herald Square's own prom fashion show and shopping party. The event will take place on Saturday, March 26th at 2pm in the Juniors Dept. ONE BELOW.  The first 150 customers who check in will score VIP access to meet YouTube singing sensation Andie Case after a live performance. There will also be mini makeovers, photo fun and more!!!!  See you there! You can find out more about Macy's prom events by clicking the link here



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