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Saturday, September 12, 2015

My Firmoo Glasses Review

I did not hesitate when Firmoo contacted me to do glasses review. I'd heard about the company before and have liked the eyeglasses and sunglasses I've seen from them. Plus I've been paying attention to becoming more financially savvy and I liked that the company prides itself on offering chic and stylish glasses at affordable prices.

Below is a photo of me wearing my Firmoo glasses for the first time.  I wear prescription contact lenses almost everyday and this was my first time wearing glasses since I started working at my current job. My coworkers loved them, and I received multiple compliments throughout the day. 

 The Ordering Process

 Firmoo's customer service made it easy for me to order the glasses of my choice. I received an email explaining the ordering process. The email included a code for prescription glasses, which is exactly what I needed. It delighted me to learn  that my glasses would automatically come with 1.57 thin and light lenses with anti-reflection and anti-UV coatings. I chose this pair because I liked the two toned style (especially the lucite portion).  I knew they'd go with almost anything in my closet - stylish and practical! They are on the website now for only $29 - talk about a steal!  Shortly after ordering my glasses arrived.

My glasses looked exactly as they appeared on the website. I'm really enjoying them.

You can get your pair of Firmoo glasses too!  Visit the website where you can find the curent promos and top picks.  Also you can get 15% off of your first order  by visiting this page.



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