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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Retaurant Review: Suede in Brooklyn, NY

On Sunday I celebrated my friend's birthday with brunch at Suede in Brooklyn. It was my first time at the restaurant, and shortly after walking in I snapped a photo for Instagram sharing my delight with this trendy and classy gem in East Flatbush. I loved the mod decor and the ambience almost immediately.

Per the website, Suede is a Caribbean restaurant that re-imagines "Caribbean cuisine by embracing the traditional West-Indian ingredients complemented with contemporary international culinary techniques." 

Service: The moment I walked up to the restaurant, the host greeted me with a warm smile and a pleasant "welcome to Suede." I arrived earlier than the rest of my party so she guided me to the garden courtyard to wait for my party and ensured that I was comfortably seated before sending a server my way to see if I wanted anything. Once my party arrived, we were seated upstairs, and our server spent time explaining the menu and answering questions. Our main server was extremely attentive.

For Brunch I wore a Want & Need Romper (currently on sale at Nordstrom Rack); and Isola Sandals available here

 What I Enjoyed: The open courtyard garden area is beautiful. I can easily see chic events taking place there or it can serve haven to enjoy dinner/brunch with friends or an intimate date with your beau. The courtyard made me feel like I was on a tropical getaway. My second favorite thing? The food and drinks of course! As a Caribbean, I am very particular about my Caribbean food. In other words, you must come correct, and the chef delivered. I devoured my "Suede Breakfast" order - a brunch meal consisting of Jamaican ackee and saltfish, Calaloo, festival and fried dumplings. I also noted the menu's tasteful creativity - french toasts sprinkled with coconut! How yummy!  Plus I tried coconut rum punch for the first time, let's just say it  made my taste buds dance. Although, I've had Jamaican rum punch many times, I never had a coconut rum punch. After Sunday, I'm looking forward to more. If you go for brunch, don't expect to have your typical mimosa. At suede they serve blood orange mimosas and sorrel mimosas among other drink choices

Suede Breakfast

Coconut Rum Punch

 Ambiance: The photos speak for themselves. As you can see,  the decor delivers. You will be serenaded by the smooth sounds of music in the background set at the perfect pitch so you can  enjoy conversation with brunch/dinner companions. I can only imagine it being even more beautiful at night. Suede is definitely a classy and sexy spot.

Birthday Brunchin'

What are some of your favorite brunch spots in your city? Do tell!


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