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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Introducing Tiffiny of BodyWealth & WellBeing.

Today's it's my pleasure to introduce public health professional, figure body level competitor an entrepreneur, Tiffiny. Read more about Tiffiny and her company BodyWealth & WellBeing below. 

Tell us about yourself, who is Tiffiny?

Hi my name is Tiffiny Fambro, I’m a wife, daughter, sister, friend, entrepreneur, public health professional and figure level body competitor.  Needless to say I wear many hats.  I am originally from Detroit Michigan which is my home town.  I also previously lived in North Carolina where I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and my masters of public health degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  After college I spent a few years working for various public health and research companies in NC.  I eventually met the man who was to be my husband and we moved to Atlanta, Georgia and have been living here for the last 4 years. 
Growing up I always struggled with my weight, gaining and losing, going on various starvation diets just to lose then gain it all back.  I was never really athletic and really did not incorporate consistent physical activity in my lifestyle.  When I got married I told myself that I wanted to strive to always be beautiful and healthy for myself and my husband.  So I started walking everyday after work until I was able to walk /jog, then fully jog.  I started eating healthier and researching the concept of clean eating, which is virtually just eating whole, minimally processed foods. I started to lose weight and really for the first time in my life learned to control my weight the healthy way. 
Before Weightlifting. 

This made me want to challenge myself even more, so in 2012 I made the decision that I did not just want to lose weight but gain muscle and optimum health.  I started heavily researching and reading fitness and bodybuilding blog sites, all of which led me to the world of bodybuilding competitions.  I started to read so many stories of women who decided to not only lose the weight but get on stage and compete.  Needless to say I made the decision that I wanted to gain muscle and compete.  I quickly realized that in order to get competition type results, I needed a serious trainer.  With the help of a friend I was quickly connected to a trainer who had the experience I needed.  I started working with him in January 2013; I was 5’2.5” tall and I weighed 145lbs at that time
From January 2013 to around May 2013, I lost 20lbs and gained muscle mass.  I was overjoyed and continued until I was ready for my first bodybuilding figure level show.  I competed on July 20th, 2013 and won 5th place in the SNBF (Super Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Organization) Novice figure class.  This only got me thirsty to keep going and on November 2nd, 2013 I competed again, this time in the SNBF Novice figure and Open figure class.  I won 1st place in Novice figure and 4th place in Open figure.  Encouraged by my trainer I continued on to compete in my first NPC (National Physique Committee) figure competition.  On April 12, 2014 at the NPC Indiana Natural competition I placed 2nd in figure class B. That competition qualified me to be able to compete in a National competition which was major for a person that had only been competing 1 year and 3 months. I was overjoyed, thrilled and most of all proud of myself.
Tiffiny's weightlifting transformation.

 The competitions have been a wonderful experience; I’ve met some really great people, kept my weight off, and I’ve learned a lot about fitness and nutrition.  But what’s even more wonderful is the person I’ve become on the inside as I’ve gone on this journey.  I now realize that it wasn’t my body that needed to transform as much as it was my mind.  I truly believe that we all possess the power to accomplish what ever dreams and goals that we set for ourselves; all we have to do is start. 
I currently teach group fitness part-time at the YMCA and also work in my own business BodyWealth & WellBeing. In my professional daily life I work for an international consulting firm to research, implement, and evaluate disease prevention and public health projects. As I move forward I plan to expand my health background and experience by continuing to gain various fitness and nutrition certifications.  I have always enjoyed working in the health field so my transformation experience has just become an expansion and testimony of my personal values.

What's the inspiration behind your business BodyWealth & WellBeing?

The inspiration behind my business, BodyWealth & WellBeing, really are the stories of people (famous and not famous) that have dramatically changed/improved their lives.  Whether through fitness, healthy eating, Holistic methods, or learning how to gain a healthy mental wellbeing.  I believe that there is more than one way to find one’s true path in life; my way was through weightlifting.  Weightlifting gives me such a wonderful natural high, I almost wish I could bottle up the feeling and give it to people for free.  It helped me gain physical strength, better coordination, balance and agility; but it also gave me a sense of inner mental strength, mental stability/balance and higher confidence and self-esteem.  So for me the idea of BodyWealth & WellBeing means that one has the ability to use one’s body to give outer and inner joy without consuming toxins or chemical enhancers (drugs, alcohol, etc.).  The idea that a person can become rich, gaining abundance, success, value and quality, naturally through the body, by giving it what it needs to thrive at an optimum level.

What can people expect when they come to BodyWealth & WellBeing, and how can they find out more about your services? 
When people come to my website, they are going to be able to find resources on nutrition, fitness, mental wellbeing and alternative Holistic methods to gain BodyWealth.  I will be interviewing other people in the fitness and health industry as well so they can share their stories, their experiences and how they continue to gain BodyWealth.  The other part of my personal services include group fitness parties where I will come to a person’s home or location of their choice and instruct a group fitness class.  It’s the idea of celebrating with a workout instead of just going to a club or lounge.  It also puts a spin on the idea of training alone; you can invite friends over and have a fun private fitness session!  I am also pursuing fitness modeling and can be contacted for speaking engagements.  For more information I can be contacted at or on the contact page of my website.  The company is also on: Facebook @BodyWealth & WellBeing, Twitter @BWWB_Fit, or Instagram @BodyWealthandWellBeing.

What tips or advice do you have for women who may be considering or pursuing entrepreneurship?

I would say, you will have some tough days, you will have people who doubt your abilities or do not believe in you, you will have some obstacles to overcome, but if you believe in your business and it is truly your passion, then never ever give up working to build your dream and making it a living breathing reality.  I would also say to surround yourself by people who are pursuing their own business or who are already successful business owners or entrepreneurs.  It is very important to surround yourself by positive people who are on the same path as you are on.

Anything else?

Thank you Nika for giving us all a platform to tell our stories and hopefully encourage others on their journey!


Tiffiny Fambro, MPH, CEO
BodyWealth & WellBeing

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