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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Introducing Banke of With Love Banke

Today it's my pleasure to introduce super stylish blogger, MPH candidate and model, Banke, and her blog, With Love Banke. Enjoy!

Tell us about yourself, who is Banke?
My name is Banke Balogun and I am the author of With Love, Banke. I am also a  full-time MPH candidate at UCLA. ​I remember becoming interested in fashion when I was entering the 6th grade. In middle school, I was known as the student who always wore a different bag everyday. I was even nominated as the most fashionable student in my middle school. It wasn't until I ​turned 16​ that I became
very serious about fashion. When I was 16, I left Virginia to
 in California. It was
​at that moment, that​
 I realized I want to have a career in fashion for the rest of my life whether it
​ be continuing to model or​
​becoming a stylist.
​​ As a model,
I was exposed to many different types of fashion. I am grateful for that because​ now, when I blog
I never shy away from a certain style. Modeling was
​ definitely​
the catalyst that
​ caused me to become serious about a career
 in fashion. 

 What inspired you to start blogging
It's a very interesting story how I actually got into blogging. I've been following fashion blogs for over 3 years now​ ​but not once did it occur to me that I would ​one day have my own blog. During my undergraduate studies at Cal State Long Beach,​I ​constantly ​"dressed up" to class and would sometimes
I feature
​ these outfits on my ​
​. ​
I remember it was my
​oldest ​
​who said I should just make a fashion blog instead of posting my outfits solely on Instagram
. In January
​ of 2014​
I created a fashion blog with nothing but my boyfriend's Samsung Galaxy s4 camera
which surprisingly did the
 and a free blog layout I found after a few h
s of searching
​for one on G​
oogle. When I first started blogging
I was very confused on how to manage my blog, promote it, maintain it
but now I'm
​ proud to say that I am​
finally getting the hang of it. 

 What are some trends/pieces that you're wearing this Fall?
so I think this is w
​here ​
I differ from a lot of bloggers
but I try
​to ​
stray away​
​ing trends for different seasons
 and there's also the unfortunate fact that I reside in southern California so we don't
​necessarily experience Fall (unless you're living in Big Bear Mountain) ​
if I had to choose colors
​that I would wear for the fall, I​
 would choose olive green, taupe, black
I love wearing black
and cream

Where do you find style inspiration?
​I find my style inspiration within myself and my surroundings. In addition to this, I like to try to feature looks from different eras because I feel that each era had a very memorable look.  ​

Anything else?
​If you would like updates on my style, visit my site or check out my Instagram @Lebanke!
Visit Banke's amazing blog HERE!

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