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Friday, September 19, 2014

Introducing Shanay and Her Blog, The Brisk Life

Today it's my pleasure to introduce the lovely, stylish and regal Shanay and her blog, The Brisk Life.

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Tell us about yourself and what you love most about blogging.
Hey! My name is Shanay, and I am a college student-athlete currently living in Austin, Texas. Aside from blogging and school, most of my days are spent working out at the track. The past 4 years I was on the track & field team at the University of Texas where I competed in the high jump. I've been jumping since I was 10 years old and couldn't imagine my life any other way. I started blogging because I wanted a space where I could talk about anything that is important to me. Most people know how big track & field is in my life, but I wanted to share other passions of mine.  I have always had a love and appreciation for fashion.  I started The Brisk Life so that I could share all of my life interests with the world. From track, to fashion,  to travel, you will see it all on my blog. 

Shanay, The Brisk Life

What I love the most about blogging is that I have the freedom to do what I want, when I want, and how I want. I can be as creative as I want, and I can add my own flavor to my little online space. Blogging for me is something that I love to do just like I love to high jump. I feel like I can just let go and be myself when I blog.  I write my posts like I am talking to someone rather than writing a school paper because that's how I feel most comfortable. If I wake up one morning and want to talk about my struggles at practice yesterday, I can do that. If I want to get something off my chest, I can do that too. The blogging world has no boundaries and that is what makes it so exciting for me. I know what I put out there is strictly my decision and purely a representation of the real me. 

What are some of your favorite trends/pieces that you'll be wearing this Fall?

I am loving big hats for the fall. It took me a while to find the perfect one because my head is pretty large, but I finally found one in black that is quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces. Now, I am looking for a navy and tan hat to complete my collection. Big hats are so on trend right now and perfect for those days when I am too lazy to do my hair (most days) but still want to look put together. 

Also, I will forever be a fan of tights with a pleated skirt and heeled booties. I always get so excited for the cold weather because I love wearing this combo. It is my go-to outfit on those chilly nights when I want to dress up, but don't want to wear jeans. 

Printed pants outfit

Where do you get fashion inspiration?

I get my inspiration from so many places. Pinterest, blogs, and magazines are the main ones, but I try to get inspired by what I see around me in my everyday life. Whether it's other girls in my classes, my friends, or just random people walking down the street, I love getting inspired by other people's style and putting my own twist on it. 

Anything else?

Thanks so much for asking me to do this! 


Check out more of Shanay's amazing style, HERE.


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