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Monday, August 4, 2014

Introducing GLAMstyle Divas

It is my pleasure to introduce the amazing blog GLAMstyle Divas, which was created by three beauties who write about fitness, fashion and home decor. Below is an interview with Arika, who writes about fashion for the blog. Enjoy!!!!
Tell us about yourselves and what you love most about blogging.
Hi!  I am your GLAMfash Diva Arika!  Two of my friends and I started a blog a couple of months ago named GLAMstyle Divas where we make posts about fitness, fashion, and home decor.  I, of course, do the fashion posts.  I love that we get a change to express ourselves and share tips and tricks on our respective subject matters, while we continue to grow on our own individual journeys.  

What are some of your favorite trends/pieces that you'll be wearing this summer?

Some of my favorite pieces that I'll be wearing all summer include summery, flowy, sundresses and maxi dresses! I love these because they are easy to wear, cute, and weather appropriate!  I also LOVE a minimalist, single sole sandal.

 Where do you get fashion inspiration?

I get fashion inspiration from EVERYWHERE! When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere.  I follow celebrities and their style, random people out and about in the city, magazines, fashion shows, television and even some home decor pieces! Believe it or not, interior decorating and fashion are similar when it comes to styling.

 Anything else?

Our blog doesn't focus on just any one subject.  We specialize in fitness, fashion, and home decor.  We feel as though these are three things that people will continue to stay interested in and find a need for.  We love expressing ourselves through the blog and helping people along the way!  Stay GLAM!

For fashion, fitness and home decor tips, check out GLAMstyle Divas HERE.


  1. Thank you so much for featuring us! We love your blog and what you are doing! Keep up the good work! :)


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