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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Stylist Highlight: Luxury Law

What better way to represent the faces of black fashion, but with the uber talented, stylist to the stars, Luxury Law. He keeps some of our favorite celebrities looking their absolute best. Law spent the earlier part of his career on the hunt for the hottest vintage pieces, eventually opening up his own vintage boutique.

Law's ability to create style that goes beyond fashion makes him the most sought after stylist in the industry today. Styling the likes of Monica, Brandy, Lala Anthony and we cannot forget about the stunning Zendaya. 



Aside from being a stylist Law has additional accolades such as image architect, creative director, cofounder of and lifestyle liaison for

I am not sure about you, but if I want to bring my style A game Luxury Law would be the one to follow.  Being a stylist takes more than just picking out clothes, it's the overall ability to see someone's vision and translate that into an amazing look. Luxury Law Faces of Black Fashion salutes you!

Make sure to follow Luxury Law and his work at



  1. I love what he has done with Zendaya!

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