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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Style and Elegance: Celebrating Lena Horne

For me,  Lena Horne epitomizes true style and elegance. Stunningly beautiful, she simultaneously exuded class and sex appeal. She was both glamor girl and class act.  It's interesting that I associate Ms. Horne with pearls, but as a style icon, one of the things I like most about Ms. Horne was her use of carefully selected accessories and clothing to exude class.  All of her photographs showcase a woman of refined taste. Today her elegance continues to inspire many women including me. Here's to celebrating Ms. Horne.

Born in Brooklyn in 1917, Lena Horne became one of the most popular and the most glamorous African American performers of the 1940s and 1950s. She began her career at  sixteen when she was hired as a dancer in the chorus of Harlem’s famous Cotton Club. She spent the next five years performing in  New York before moving to Hollywood to pursue acting. During this  time period, black actors were cast in limited roles, and despite her talent and rising notoriety, Lena faced a number of barriers  due to race. She explained,  “In every other film I just sang a song or two; the scenes could be cut out when they were sent to local distributors in the South. Unfortunately, I didn’t get much of a chance to act.” Nevertheless,  Lena persevered and by the mid-’40s,  she became the highest paid black actor in the United States. Ms. Horne was also active in the Civil Rights Movement. A few of her activities included participating in the March on Washington and performing at rallies throughout the country for the National Council for Negro Women. Visit this link to learn more about Lena Horne.

Style and Elegance Lena Horne

Alicia Keys pays homage to Lena Horne


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