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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blogger Feature: Introducing Abi of All Things Random

    It's my pleasure to feature the fabulous and stylish Abi and her blog, All Things Random.

Tell us about yourself, who is Abi?
I always struggle with this question, I never know what to say, everything I know about myself goes out the window the minute I’m hit that question (haha). I’ll start with my age….
 I’m 23 years old, I currently reside in London, I also work full time as MAA for New Look Fashion Accessories Department. I love shoes, no no let me rephrased that I’m obsessed with shoes, I mean what’s not to like they are cute! What else. (If this was a job interview sure won’t be getting that Job). I will say I’m very funny but my friend and family might disagree (Jealous) but I make myself laugh which is good enough for me!

What inspired you to start a blog?
It was actually spontaneous, my friend showed me Necole Bitchie’s blog and I thought I could do the same thing (Boy was I wrong) so I started All Things Random. I started off posting about everything and anything, music video, latest celebrity gossip, food recipe, you name it! After a while I realise that type of platform is not for me so I stopped blogging and got rid of my Blog. It wasn’t until my second year of University that I started to develop a strong passion for fashion (check out my rhyming skills), I use to stalk fashion blogs from morning till night, that’s when I decide to start blogging again but this time about fashion. I decide to keep the name All things Random because it kind of reflect my personality.

What trends do you currently enjoy wearing?  
At the moment I love the 2 in 1 dress trend, very 90’s, also the chunky boots.

Where do you get style inspiration?

I get my inspiration from people around me. If I see something I like I usually write it down in case I want to try it out. I don’t like anything over the top; I like to keep things simple. I also love Wendy from Wendy’s look book and Camille from Camille tries to blog, very classy ladies. Ohhh is another website I stalk a lot.

Anything else?
Yes, follow me on Instagram @mizzabi and twitter @mizzabii

Visit Abi's amazing blog, All Things Random

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