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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gorgeous in Red

Monday, November 25, 2013

My Personal Style Post: Thermal Maxi Dress + Statement Necklace

I love easy outfits. It's one of the reasons why I love dresses. This thermal maxi dress is one of my favorite pieces currently in my Fall/Winter rotation. It's like a blank canvas, there are so many different ways that I can wear it.  I want another (or a couple more) thermal/long-sleeve maxi dress, this one made me a believer! 

Dress: Anthropologie (sold out)
Similar: River Island Thermal Maxi or ASOS long sleeve Maxi

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Style: Five ways to look Chic and Stylish for Thanksgiving

 Thanksgiving Style

1.     A statement necklace is a very simple way to upgrade an outfit. No matter how simple your look is, add style and dimension with a statement necklace.

2.     Midi skirts and dresses are both stylish and classy. These are perfect for meeting the in-laws. They are elegant and chic without looking dowdy.

via Pinterest

3.     If you’re planning to have a casual and hearty Thanksgiving, go for leather leggings. You can easily dress up a sleek pair of leather leggings with heels or dress them down with boots. They are also great with blazers or your or an a pretty sweater. 

4.     A sweater dress is a classic and timeless piece that will go perfectly at home or if you’re visiting family or friends for Thanksgiving.  To make this look pop choose a dress in a rich color like red or burgundy or pair with fun tights.

 via Polyvore

5.     A Pretty Sweater. Ditch the ugly holiday sweater for a pretty elegant sweater. Not only are they more stylish they look better in family photos.

via Jcrew

Have you already chosen your Thanksgiving outfit?

Will you be incorporating any of the above items into your look?

Friday, November 22, 2013

Spotlight: Religouz Fashionz (+Giveaway)

Today, it's my please to feature a collection that promotes and celebrates the beauty of women.  The handmade pieces from Religiouz Fashionz represent our uniqueness as individuals and our as women. Read more to find out.  

Tell us about Religouz Fashionz, how did you come up with the concept?
The concept of Religiouz Fashionz is based off two things. First, women are passionate and incredible people. Therefore, knowing this, women should be confident in who they are regardless of imperfections or flaws. They are designed by God, as a result, you’re perfect in His eyes – that is what matters. Secondly, all of the names for our jewelry are characteristics of the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31. Whether it is forgiven, passionate, ambitious or believer, every handmade piece [reflects every characteristic] is important because they all represent what women are.

Tell us about your collection, what items can we expect to find?
Within the collection of Religiouz Fashionz [merchandise], you will find a wide variety of [handmade] jewelry that catches the human eye! We have recently expanded out to a few new pieces [such as necklaces]. However, you can find a wide range of [handmade] bangles, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces! We also do custom orders for events such as weddings, promotions, etc.  Overall, you will not only find yourself loving our Religiouz Fashionz collection, but you will also fall in love with the our mission to promote positive self-esteem by donating a portion of the proceeds to outreach programs in your community. If you live in San Diego, a portion of the proceedings from your purchase will go back to San Diego. The same thing goes for if you live anywhere else in the United States or overseas.

Where can readers view and purchase pieces from your line? 
Readers can view and purchase pieces at .  They can also request to know if there is a Religiouz Fashionz Independent Consultant in their area.

Anything else?
As of Novemeber 1, 2013, Religiouz Fashionz relaunched to being a direct selling business! We would like to extend an invitation to all fierce, smart, lovely women that are interested in being their own boss, wanting to run their own business and make their own schedules, as well as be a part of a sisterhood of women that have the purpose to uplift other women.  If this is you, please feel free to visit for more information, or call (757) 337-1632.

Religouz Fashionz is also sponsoring a giveaway for Faces of Black Fashion. A lovely reader will have the chance to win the beautiful pieces from the Religouz Fashionz collection (pictured below). To enter all you have to do is follow the blog and comment on this post. Please include your email address with your comment.  The giveaway closes on November 29, 2013. 


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Solange for Puma

Congrats to one of our faves, Solange Knowles, the new Art Director and Creative Consultant for Puma's It Girl Campaign. While I'm not necessarily a sneaker girl, I do love the yellow Pumas she wore in the Lovers in the Parking Lot video.

I  can't wait to see this collection. I just know Solange will bring it like she always does. 

Are you excited about the collection?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Personal Style: The Bandage Dress

I'm a huge fan of bandage dresses. They are figure flattering, shape accentuating and easily take your look up a notch. They are my dresses of choice to celebrate a  special event like a birthday or for a date night. I wore this dress out for a rooftop event in LA yesterday.

Dress: Wow Couture
Shoes: Pour la Victoire
Are you a fan of Bandage Dresses?

Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Fitness Journey

In June I visited my doctor for my annual check up and realized that I was underweight. As I mentioned in my skinny black girl post, I have always been a small woman and struggled with it for years. I am finally at the point in my life where I am (mostly) happy with my body, but I want to be at a healthy weight. My doctor and I decided that my plan of action to reach my healthy weight goals would include weight training. Thus my fitness journey began.

The past five months of my journey have been great.  I initially thought that  it would be difficult to stick to a gym routine given my busy schedule; however, I've been consistently working out three times a week. On the days that I can't make it to the gym, I workout at home.   I do take a week off to rest every two months. Although I've tweaked my routine at various points over the past couple of months this is what my current routine looks like:

Day 1 - Lower body workout
4 X 8 barbell squat
4 X 8 dead lifts
3 X 10 lounges per leg
4 x 10 calf raises
3 x 8 hamstring curl
3 x 8 leg curls
Ab exercises

Day 2 Upper body (plus light lower body)
3 X 10 bench press
3 X 8 bicep curls
3 X 8 shoulder press
3 X 10 triceps exercise
3 X 10 pushups
3X10 jump squats with light weight
3X10 full leg contraction per leg
calf raises
Ab exercises

Day 3 - full body workout
Do day 1 & 2
Ab exercises

Since I started weight training,  I've increased my caloric intake by eating healthy snacks between meals such as almonds, yogurt and protein bars. I also drink Designer Whey protein shakes before or after my workouts. 

Progress so far

The beginning (week 3 on left and week 6 on right), I gained muscle mass the fastest in the beginning of my journey.

Month two

Month three

Most recent progress pics, month 5

Thank you for sharing in my journey. I will be checking in periodically to talk about my progress. Let me know if you have any questions and stay tuned for a video post about things I've learned since starting my fitness journey.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Introducing Adrienne of Sweenee Style

It's my pleasure to introduce Adrienne, a fabulous and chic stylista who shows us how to look stylish everyday. Check her out!

Tell us about yourself, who is Adrienne?
I am a wife, mother of 2, daughter, sister, auntie and sort of a shopaholic. :)  I am comfortable in my own skin and I try to find many ways to express myself.  I love shopping, photography, making earrings, and just hanging with family!   I am probably the most loyal person you will meet.  I'm just saying, I could have been in the mob, lol!  I am a firm believer in karma and  that everything happens for a reason. 

What inspired you to start a blog?
I started Sweenee Style to inspire others to "Never take a day off from being stylish".  I really do live by this.  I always try to look my best.  Sweenee Style is dedicated to sharing my personal style, outfit ideas, a little make-up, and helpful hints.  I personally think it doesn’t take a lot of money or designer labels to be well dressed.  I get so sick of seeing black women on social media dressing half naked like video vixens and I just want black women to know THERE ARE OTHER WAYS TO DRESS TO LOOK CUTE AND GET NOTICED. 

What trends/pieces are you enjoying wearing this fall? 
I just love STUFF!  When I say that, I mean boots, earrings, coats, scarfs, ponchos, handbags etc.   I try not to follow the trends because you see that on other blogs.  I try to give
 my audience something different to look at.     

Anything else?
I've come to realize that blogging is so much deeper than taking pictures and posting them. Bloggers are encouraing people to try different things they usually wouldn't.  I love getting emails from my followers on what they would like to see in a future post, or just ask me general style questions.  Eventhough you see tons of pics of ME on the blog, I really enjoy doing it for OTHERS.  

Instagram: @sweeneestyleblogger

Check out Adrienne's fab blog, Sweenee Style

Let's Get Social!!!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall Fashion Inspiration From Five of Our Featured Bloggers

Cassidy of the fresh factor looks stylish and chic in classic over-the-knee boots (Featured HERE).

Whitney of Whitney James shows us how to take an outfit up a notch with a luxe statement jacket (Feature HERE).

Paola of Finding Paola pairs a pretty retro dress with tights (feature HERE).

Jeeda of Swoon Blog wears vibrant hues with flair (Feature HERE).

Channing of Channing in the City shows us how to fabulously wear (and pair) Fall's rich jewel tones (Feature HERE).  


Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Weekend

I hope you're having a love and joy filled weekend!!!

 He Loves Me, Jill Scott