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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Introducing Adrienne of Sweenee Style

It's my pleasure to introduce Adrienne, a fabulous and chic stylista who shows us how to look stylish everyday. Check her out!

Tell us about yourself, who is Adrienne?
I am a wife, mother of 2, daughter, sister, auntie and sort of a shopaholic. :)  I am comfortable in my own skin and I try to find many ways to express myself.  I love shopping, photography, making earrings, and just hanging with family!   I am probably the most loyal person you will meet.  I'm just saying, I could have been in the mob, lol!  I am a firm believer in karma and  that everything happens for a reason. 

What inspired you to start a blog?
I started Sweenee Style to inspire others to "Never take a day off from being stylish".  I really do live by this.  I always try to look my best.  Sweenee Style is dedicated to sharing my personal style, outfit ideas, a little make-up, and helpful hints.  I personally think it doesn’t take a lot of money or designer labels to be well dressed.  I get so sick of seeing black women on social media dressing half naked like video vixens and I just want black women to know THERE ARE OTHER WAYS TO DRESS TO LOOK CUTE AND GET NOTICED. 

What trends/pieces are you enjoying wearing this fall? 
I just love STUFF!  When I say that, I mean boots, earrings, coats, scarfs, ponchos, handbags etc.   I try not to follow the trends because you see that on other blogs.  I try to give
 my audience something different to look at.     

Anything else?
I've come to realize that blogging is so much deeper than taking pictures and posting them. Bloggers are encouraing people to try different things they usually wouldn't.  I love getting emails from my followers on what they would like to see in a future post, or just ask me general style questions.  Eventhough you see tons of pics of ME on the blog, I really enjoy doing it for OTHERS.  

Instagram: @sweeneestyleblogger

Check out Adrienne's fab blog, Sweenee Style

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  1. Lovely style! Every look is gorgeous!

  2. I love her style! I believe the same thing in regard to seeing women half naked in revealing clothing. You don't have to dress that way to get noticed and Adrienne proves it in her blog.

  3. She def has great style.. her looks are all very well put together and styled perfectly.


  4. Great feature! Adrienne has an awesome style. :-)


  5. Adrienne always looks so lovely!

  6. She's got great taste, I really love that outfit with the yellow sash, I'm heading to her blog right now........

    1. Yes she does! Thanks so much for reading.

  7. I absolutely adore her style. I'm absolutely going to check out her blog.

    Maggie A

  8. Adrienne I have been to your blog and went to shop your closet and I can't find where to find that cheetah print scarf you have with the white shirt and black blazer. PLEASE HELP

  9. Great to see a beautiful black woman with excellent style and a fantastic attitude on life. Much respect. X

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