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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Five Things Diana Ross Taught Us About Life and Style

For me, Diana Ross is the embodiment of fabulous - the intricately designed gowns, big hair, and commanding presence, all added to her allure as both a trendsetter and a fashion icon.  She dared to create her own unique style gained her accolades and longevity. Here are five valuable lessons from one of the most inspirational fashion icons of our time.

Embrace your God-given Beauty
When most of us think about Diana Ross, we think about her music, her style and of course her hair! I still react in awe when I look at photos of Diana Ross with her beautiful mane of kinky hair. In a world that advances a limited definition of beauty, Diana Ross created her own rules and definitions. She inspired so many of us to see kinky hair as beautiful, glamorous and regal. By embracing her natural hair, Diana Ross sent a powerful message to black women everywhere.  We are beautiful just the way God created us. Today she continues to inspire many of us who have chosen to embrace our natural hair.  

Express your Individual Style
Diana Ross pushed the limits when it came to her style and fashion choices. She fulfilled her early aspirations to become a Fashion Designer by designing and making the dresses for the Supremes and later on for herself. She embraced and explored her love for glam with feathers and sequins, choosing to wear what she liked instead of what the current fashions dictated.  Because she choose to authentically express her individual style instead of blending in and conforming to fashion norms, today Diana Ross wears the title of fashion icon.  Ms. Ross taught us that we do the world a disservice when we hide our individuality.

Accentuate the Positive
In expressing her style, Diana Ross always highlighted her best features: bambi-like eyes, big hair and svelte figure. Interestingly, those very features define the Diana Ross look. What positive features do you have that you can choose to highlight? If it is a small waist, why not rock a nice belt?  Do you have long legs? Try a great pair of heels and a pretty summer dress. Or if you have toned arms, there are plenty of sleeveless options to try this summer. Embrace and emphasize your best features.

Develop a Signature Look
Like most fashion icons, Diana Ross embodied a signature look that encapsulated her dynamic personality.  Get to know your style personality and create a signature look or piece that represents you. Here are some tips on developing your own unique style

Confidence is the Best Accessory

Diana Ross gained iconic status in fashion because she wore what made her comfortable, dared to stand out and accentuated her best features, all of which requires self- confidence.  It is not so much what you wear, it is how you wear what you wear. Diana Ross owned her style. Once you start being true to your personal style, wearing what you like and what makes you comfortable, you will be better at expressing yourself with confidence. Take it from Ms. Ross!

***I originally published this post on Regal Realness where I am a Contributing Writer. 

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