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Monday, July 8, 2013

Introducing Sade of Black & Olive

It's no doubt that New York City holds a special place in my heart, it's the city where I came of age, and the city that I fell in love with. Thus, when I first visited Sade's blog I was captured by how much it represents the New York City that I know and love. The photography tells a distinctly New York story - the brownstones, the grass growing through concrete (which I think symbolizes the strength of New Yorkers), and the urban skylines. Not only was I impressed with the photography, Sade also has great style and great hair. It is my pleasure to introduce Sade of Black and Olive

Tell us about yourself, who is Sade?

I was raised in Jamaica Queens New York but I currently live in Brooklyn. I went to school for Fashion, Buying and Merchandising at Nassau Community College in Long Island and now I am studying Direct and Interactive Marketing at The Fashion institute of Technology in New York. I am very excited because I will be graduating at the end of the year and I can't wait to really jump head first into my career. Growing up back in Queens, I remember every summer going to the Big Apple Games for arts and craft and coming home so proud of an item that I have made by hand from scratch. Fast-forward to today, I am running my own small business of handmade accessories called Black & Olive. 

What inspired you to start a blog?
I've been wanting to start a blog for a very long time however considering that there are a lot of other blogs out there, I struggled on figuring out how I wanted to differentiate myself from the rest. We all know that is utterly impossible because we are all creative beings. So, it all started by asking myself, who am I? And what do I want to portray? Because I don't just love fashion, I love fashion, the arts, beauty and what comes in between. Which is the love, peace, hate, pain, anguish or of course any other expression. I think in between all of that for me made me find my now new hobby in photography. 

Who are your style/fashion icons?

For me it fluctuates and is only because I don't have a "style", anything goes with me. These past couple of years I have been into Men's wear, I purchase a lot of men's clothes because they have cool stuff! Don't you think?! Also because of the fit, I love to be comfortable period, so the icons I love today would be the Olsen Twins, June Ambrose, Rihanna, Pharrell, Scott Schuman and the magical Nick Wooster.

What are some trends that you're enjoying this summer?
The less clothes trend because this summer is so ridiculously hot I can't even wear anything cute without sweating and wanting to run home into my Air conditioned room lol. However I can't get enough of those muscle shirts because they provide fantastic ventilation. And I really love high-waist anything, shorts, jeans, skirts; I just love the fit, it gives you a divine hour glass shape, it's classy, and your bottom isn't hanging out.

Anything else?
I will admit I still know how far I am going to go with this blog because never in a million years I thought I would be doing this. I love blogging, I love taking photos, and I love making accessories. I advise to always do what you love, I know people say it all the time but it is true what they say. When you are doing what you love it isn't work or a chore, You don't mind getting up early, staying out late, spend all your money because it is the passion in your chest that keeps you going, nothing else matters. I love to share my passion and hard work with everyone, because your fire can or will inspire someone else. 

See more of Sade's style and photography HERE.


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