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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dynamic Womanhood Part I: What Does It Mean to be a Dynamic Woman?

One of the best things about Faces of Black Fashion is having the opportunity to meet and feature a variety of stylish, dynamic and multifaceted women. Along with celebrating black fashion, the blog also commends dynamic womanhood. As women, we wear so many different hats and fulfill a wide variety of roles. We have such a significant impact on the people in our relational and professional networks and on society at large.  Interacting with the awesome ladies who I've featured on the blog gave me the inspiration to do a series on dynamic womanhood.  During the series, many of  the ladies share their own personal definition of what it means to be a dynamic woman. I hope you will be inspired by the wisdom they ladies share. Enjoy!

Name: Marie
Feature: Here
"When I hear the term, I automatically think about roles. What roles and, how many roles women play throughout life. Daughters. Sisters. Wives. Aunts. Mothers. Teachers...there's so many. But, I'd like to think being "dynamic" is more than that. The word "dynamic" sounds powerful. Very powerful. So, I'd probably define a "dynamic woman" as a one who is aware of her strengths, finds comfort & stillness in her being, and is most likely to be utterly unstoppable."

Name: Christie
Feature: Here
Christie of Living Simplistically

"My personal definition of a dynamic woman is one who is confident enough to create her own unique footprint on this earth, who is capable of trusting her intuition over the external voices of the majority, who can speak to a multitude without having to say a word, and a woman who isn't afraid to take risks, even if it includes the potential of getting hurt." 

Name: Samara
Feature: Here
"My definition of a dynamic woman is one who is beautiful on the inside and out. A woman who exudes style, class, and grace, all while handling real life situations always inspires me.  In my opinion, a dynamic woman never folds under pressure.  She is able to stand with every tough situation and while standing handles herself as a lady: tactful, confident, and peaceful.  

A dynamic woman uses her experiences of the past as lessons.  From these lessons negative or positive, they have strengthened and given her wisdom on how to handle her present and future.  A dynamic woman  is compassionate, giving, and non-judging.  

A dynamic woman is well put together outwardly.  Whether it's casually dressed or dressed to the nines, this woman puts effort into how she presents herself to the world.  

This is my definition of a dynamic woman and I hope to be that myself one day."

Name: Whitney
Blog: Whitney James
Feature: Here

A dynamic woman  is fearless, confident, and stylish. Dynamic women can face any challenge, head on, and come out victorious. In order to do so, she must be fearless as well as confident---the two go hand in hand.Women have many layers and on a daily basis, so much is expected of us. But to be able to handle and juggle it all with a smile makes us dynamic. The last ingredient to a dynamic woman is style. With the right pair of shoes and a great sense of style, a woman can rule the world! ;-)"

Stay Tuned for Part II.


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