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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dressing Appropriately For Your Summer Internship

After seven years of higher education, I am pretty well-versed on summer internship/jobs and their importance in career development.  While doing a great job is paramount, your outward presentation is a key part of your professional image that you should not ignore. Ensure that the image you leave behind is one of a polished professional.

Part of dressing appropriately for your office environment involves research. If you are unable to get "inside information" on your office's dress code, err on the side of caution for the first few days by dressing conservatively. This will give you the opportunity to observe and get a sense of the office's dress code. You can always make small changes where necessary. Now here are my tips for looking like the star intern that I know you will be!

1. Say no to flip flops. Even if you see full-time employees wearing them, don't.  They are unprofessional and have no place in an office environment.

2. Save the minis for the weekend. Mini skirts or dresses are inappropriate in a professional setting. Go for a stylish knee length pencil skirt or dress instead.

3. Layer. Thanks to the advent of technology, some offices are iceboxes in the summer. Be prepared by bringing a cardigan or light jacket with you daily or leaving one at work to wear when needed.

4. Grab a dress. Dresses make an easy outfit, and they are so many affordable options available.

5. Choose a short or cap sleeve blouse. Even if you have great arms, leave the sleeveless tops for after work events. Short or cap sleeves are more business appropriate. 

Here are three outfit ideas to get you started

Tailored pants with silk blouse

Navy Pants Work Look

Pencil dress & pumps
Pencil Dress

Pencil skirt & blazer

Summer Work Wear



  1. these are some great looks! so excited to start my new job monday!

    1. Yea!!! I know you'll do great on your internship!!!!

  2. this was great! i recently started my summer internship last monday and i played it very conservative until i saw that more people in the office did a more casual look! great post!

    1. Thanks Ashley! I know you will rock your internship!


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