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Friday, April 12, 2013

Introducing Monroe of Fashion Steele NYC

Monroe's blog, Fashion Steele NYC,  was one of the first fashion blogs that I followed. To this day, I look forward to her blog updates in my inbox. Not only is her style amazing,  her blog is extremely informative and filled with tips including blogging your way to fashion week and where to score a sweet deal in NYC. Her blog is a real gem among blogs. I have also had the pleasure of meeting Monroe in person  through her group NYC Fashion Bloggers. Monroe is warm and extremely friendly, and through the group I have had unforgettable experiences such as meeting one of my favorite designers, Rebecca Minkoff.  It is my pleasure to introduce Monroe and her blog Fashion Steele NYC

Tell us about yourself, who is Monroe? 
Well. I am a physical therapist as well as a fashion blogger! I love fashion but in the field I am in I don't get a chance to dress up a lot or where are the girly fashions I want to. Thus I started my fashion blog as a release for all that fashion energy I have built up inside of me. After 2.5 years of blogging I think I've really settled into my style.

What inspired you to start blogging? 
I actually saw in article in the newspaper amNY about the 6 fashion bloggers you should know. it was on the front page. Before then I didn't even know fashion bloggers existed. I devoured the article and it really encouraged me to start my fashion blog.  I started my blog that very day. I didn't have a camera or anything!

Where do you find fashion inspiration? 
I find fashion inspiration mostly from magazines and runway shows. I like to cut out photos from magazines and add them to my inspiration board for styles I'd like to try to make my own. I also get inspiration from people and other bloggers.

What trends are you looking forward to wearing this Spring? 
I'm looking forward to being able to wear skirts and dresses period! The winter here in NY has lasted so long I can barely take it anymore. Its finally warming up and I'm just happy to be able to show some skin and wear less clothing! But I do love the flouncy skirt trend and heels with ankle cuffs.

Anything else? 
I love nutella and old school No Doubt music.

Be sure to visit Monroe's blog HERE.

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