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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Introducing Marsha of Style of a London Tall Girl

Gorgeous, stylish and striking, those are three of the words I'd use to describe Marsha. I discovered her blog on Facebook and sent her an email instantly. Her style is simply impeccably and she has a knack for pairing pieces together with such elegance. Plus her shoes and accessory collections are drool-worthy.  WIthout further adieu introducing Marsha and her blog Style of a London Tall Girl 

Tell us about yourself, who is Marsha?
I'm a 6ft fashion blogger, born in London although my heritage is half Indian, half Jamaican. I currently work in the fashion industry as an area manager in London. Like many women I have a crush on fashion, or addiction as some might say, and I love travelling at least a few times a year. I'm the owner of my blog Style of a London Tall Girl where I display my daily outfits, fashion loves and hates and anything else that inspires me.

What inspired you to start a blog?
From a very young age I was interested in clothes and shoes. I was the child who always knew what she liked as well as didn't like, much to my mother's dismay! I studied a BSc in Biochemistry, then an MSc in Forensic Science (yes I'm a secret geek, lol), but somehow my love for fashion has always prevailed. I've always loved styling outfits on and off the clock and always got comments about my outfits. Working with young women inspired me to start a blog to show that no matter what shape, size or height you are, you can be beautiful and stylish. I have now been blogging for a year and have not looked back once, my only wish is that I started it sooner. The emails and comments that I receive just makes it worth while, knowing that others get something from it.

Where do you find fashion inspiration?
Life, travels, different cultures, anywhere really. Over the years I have realised that I'm a girly girl. Although I like to test out new trends I generally only wear things if they suit me. I love the 60s, big dresses, chic bags and I love experimenting by pushing boundaries as well as putting a modern spin on different eras. In terms of whom inspires me, I would have to say actresses like Gabrielle Union who are strong, powerful and stylish, and not only champion young women but also give back to the community.

Where do you shop and what are three of your favorite pieces in your closet?
Most of the time Asos, Topshop and Long Tall Sally, and cute little boutiques in London and New York. I also love trailing through vintage stores for unusual sunglasses. My number one possession in my closet would have to be my Chanel quilted bag as its so classic and timeless. I have a penchant for bold necklaces, I buy at least two a month. Lastly my trusty trilby from Topshop, I find it so difficult to find a good fitting hat and this one is just the best fit and style, perfect for the London weather.

Anything else
Thanks again for featuring me, its such a privilege to be part of this site ;) Also if you like my blog, please vote for me to win best UK personal style blog here

 Be sure to visit Marsha's fab blog HERE


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