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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Introducing Emari of Touche de Mode

Emari's blog is filled with tons of inspiration - her personal style, fashion picks, DIY posts, and hair and makeup tutorials- it's a beauty and fashion lovers dream.  She also gives readers a peek into her life, where she talks about her career and life goals. You'll see that Emari is a young woman with a lot of wisdom to share. Emari is also the owner of an online boutique, if you want fun and chic accessories for Spring check out her boutique (the prices are extremely reasonable!).  It is my pleasure to introduce Emari!

Tell us about yourself, who is Emari?

I’m the NY fashion blogger of TouchedeMode whose overall life is based around creativity. I'm very passionate about the fashion industry,therefore, I love to express my ideas and my inspirations by writing this blog. I first fell in love with fashion when I discovered creativity. In junior high school I taught myself to sew and draw. Then, I discovered my greatest passion. Fashion not only made me a more creative individual, but , I enjoyed every aspect of it. Whether it was watching a fashion telivision show, sewing or admiring someone's outfit on the street. It gave me a drive like nothing did before. My blog consist of my  personal experiences and what I enjoy about beauty and fashion.   As I continue to live out my biggest interest,  I hope that my audience enjoys reading it.

What inspired you to start a blog?

In 2011, I was lucky enough to attend the Teen Vogue Fashion U conference. The very last seminar that we had to attend, Blogger and Boutique owners came to tell us there story. I then thought to myself, " Why can't I do this?". I honestly loved giving people fashion advice as well as showing off my personal style. then became a website where I share my passions for Life, Fashion,Style and Beauty. In addition, I wanted to provide an outlet where I can sell stand-out accessories in !  I started the blog in December 2011.

Tell us more about your boutique, and what pieces would you recommend for Spring?

My online boutique launched December 2012 . I originally was going to sell clothing, but I wanted to start off small. I started with accesories because they are season-less. They are always a necessity in any girls closet , especially my own. For the Spring, I would reccommend :
Earring: Shattered Jewel Drop Earring, Elegant Crystal Stud Earrings,

Necklaces:Lots of Chain Necklace, Shattered Jewel Necklace, Round Tribal Necklace and the point of it all Necklace
All of the Bracelet stacks are very popular. They are considered "armcandy" and one of the most worn trends right now. 

What can readers expect to find when they visit your blog? 

My readers can expect some of the latest fashion information/trends, personal style diaries as well as my experiences I deal with in life. It is really what I call "a one stop shop". I have an online boutique, a fashion section, beauty, lifestyle and style. I give a range of topics hoping that people fall in love with at least one category if they're not already in love with the whole blog =).

Let me know if you need any other information.
I look forward to being featured!

Be sure to check out Emari's lovely blog HERE and her boutique HERE.


  1. Very cute looks! Thanks for introducing Emari!


  2. This came at the right time... I've been contemplating starting up a blog to eventually turn into an e-boutique. I'm immediately inspired to get on my grind.


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