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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Introducing Dionna

Today it's my pleasure to introduce Dionna, a fabulous business owner and editor from D.C. who encourages and empowers women to love  and embrace themselves and express their personal style. As a Plus Size Fashion Contributor, Dionna's articles provide amazing tips and inspiration to plus sized fashionistas at the click of a mouse.  Read about Dionna and her work below: 

Tell us about yourself, who is Dionna?
My name is Dionna Humphrey, and I’m the owner of Body Conscious Beauty, a style consulting business in the Washington, D.C. area. I’m also a contributing editor to the online publication All Things Fashion DC as their plus size fashion contributor.

I’ve always had a love and appreciation for fashion and I believe your personal style reflects a lot of who you are. One of the reasons why I started this business and began writing about fashion is because I’m constantly hearing women putting themselves down or being afraid to try a new look because their too this, or two that. I think all women are beautiful and when you feel good on the inside, you look good on the outside and vice versa, which really comes through to others and makes you feel amazing.

What can readers expect to find when they visit your blog?
All Things Fashion DC is just about that- all things related to style and fashion in the D.C. area (and beyond!). They asked me to cover plus size fashion because it was the one area of fashion coverage they were missing. I’m so happy to be given this platform to talk about plus size fashion because I want to help women break down those fashion barriers. Fashion is fashion. Period. I don’t look at trends and think because I am bigger I can’t wear them. And when I write for ATFDC, I give my readers trends to try, tips on how to style them and where they can find them—no matter what size they are. Want to try peplum? Stripes? Bold colors? I’m going to talk about that and more in my column because fashion and style is not something that is exclusive to certain sizes.

Nowadays, plus size fashion is not the boring, shapeless, bejeweled pieces they were some years back. Plus size designers are pushing the fashion envelope and opening so many doors to women that appreciate style and want to flaunt their curves, not hide them behind a tent-shaped shift.

Where do you find fashion inspiration?
My fashion style is varies from day to day and my inspiration comes from a lot of different places. I’m an avid reader of Lucky Magazine, which has always been an inspiration for me to explore brands, looks etc. I also find a lot of inspiration in fellow fashion bloggers who are constantly breaking new ground when it comes to fashion. Sometimes I also see things on the street, colors, cuts and textures that I will try to re-interpret. There’s been an surge in plus size vintage options available which I also adore because they’re things you don’t see every day, often well-made and generously sized so even if it’s not a typical plus size piece most women can do it.

What trends are you looking forward to wearing this Spring?
Spring trends I’m looking forward to—where to begin! I would have to say my top three things I’m loving right now for spring are neon, monochrome and translucent accessories and shoes. I have a lot of lemon, tangerine, lime and pink pieces in my wardrobe that are dying to come out and play! This season feels lighter in spirit and a nod to a couple of decades back when fashion was more playful and colorful. The monochrome look is so incredibly chic and timeless; you can always do black and white in my opinion. It’s also one of those trends that will look good on every body type. The clear/translucent pieces are definitely something that probably won’t last beyond summer so it’s not worth investing a lot of money in, but I’m loving how clear heels, jewelry and bags look right now so I’m anxious to try. 

Be sure to check out Dionna's work HERE

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