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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Introducing DelMoniCole Clothing

There's nothing better than having that unique one-of-a-kind piece in your closet to express your personal style. If you are on a search for that piece (or pieces) definitely check out Independent Fashion Designer Tarsha Wiliams and her clothing line DelMoniCole. The beautiful pieces from Tarsha's line incorporates bold pieces and bright colors into classic silhouettes. It is my pleasure to introduce DelMoniCole Clothing

Tell us about yourself, who is Tarsha? 

I am a clothing designer in Houston that loves designing and creating clothing for women.

Tell us about your line DelMoniCole.
design what I want to wear so essentially I’m just inviting the world into my closet. I love using classic silhouettes but with bold colors and clean lines that accentuate the woman’s body.

The Retro Pant, DelMoniCole

Now that Spring is around the corner, are there any particular pieces you would recommend from the line? 

The retro dress is one of my faves, you can wear it to the beach or a day party. It’s a fun piece that attracts great attention. The Dutch Cottage dress is also great for day and night. It’s pointed sides gives your legs a great look.

The Retro Dress

Where can readers view your lookbook and purchase pieces from your line? 
Readers can view and purchase pieces on my website at They can also stay up to date with sales and new pieces through my facebook fanpage

 Thanks again for the feature!



  1. The last dress is really cool...looks like Spanish tiles.

  2. love her looks! :D
    love Lois xxx

  3. I love your article about Clothing & Landry . It is very motivating.


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