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Friday, February 22, 2013

Introducing Dirce of Blush It

Dirce's blog, Blush It, is filled with inspiration and creativity. She's gorgeous and stylish,and her beauty video tutorials will give you tons of ideas to add to your beauty regimen. Additionally, Dirce's hair is fierce! I am a fan of sharp short hair cuts, and hers fits the bill. It's my pleasure to introduce you to the beautiful Dirce and her lovely blog Blush It

Tell us about yourself, who is Dirce?
My name is Dirce Lima, I am 27 years old Cape Verdean woman. I'm a model who has a passion  for fashion and beauty, actually I love everything that indentifies us as women.  

What can readers expect to find when they visit your blog?
I wish to inspire people to value and take care of themselves with my tips and outfit. I also like to share my experiences and highlight the beautiful people of my country. I believe that fashion is an important tool for the personal development.

        Where do you find fashion inspiration?
I find inspiration in everything that surrounds me, things that inspire me to have my own style and define the person who I am. Cape Verde is a beautiful and diverse country with great views, amazing sunsets and a never ending own light that I adore. I go from there.

Where do you shop and what are three of your favorite pieces in your closet?
I do most of my shopping in Europe, where I travel frequently, but I also found and buy some really nice things in Cape Verde. Some stores are doing a  great job bringing pieces that fit the needs of the modern Capeverdien woman.

My favorite pieces on the closet are a black dress (super must-have), an emerald blouse and my sailor straped blazer.  

Be sure to check out Dirce's fabulous blog and style HERE. 


  1. Too bad her posts are not translated

  2. Stunning pictures and great outfits! I am in love with the one on the first picture as well as with the turqouise blouse! Really inspiring!

    Best Jasmin


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