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Monday, February 18, 2013

Introducing Adama Ndiaye

Today is the third installment (see first two installments HERE and HERE) in the celebration of Black History Month. Today it is my pleasure to feature Senagalese fashion designer Adama Ndiaye. A woman who is passionate about advancing diversity in fashion. 

Adama Ndiaye is a Parisian Senegalese fashion designer who  created her own line Adama Paris to share her passion for fashion and diversity.  Along with promoting diversity in her own designs, Adama also works to advance diversity in fashion by highlighting Black designers and models.

Some of Adama's designs
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Over a decade ago Adama created Dakar Fashion Week as a platform  for African designers who wanted to show their work in Africa and to showcase their designs to African buyers and viewers. Dakar fashion week emerged as a success and during the past 10 years Dakar fashion week has garnered the interests of designers from all over the continent. 

Photos from Dakar Fashion Week

Additionally, Adama introduced Black Fashion Week in 2011.  During black fashion week Adama  shines the light on black designers and models from across the African Diaspora who do not have access to the global market place. 

Photos from Black Fashion Week

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In an interview for Africa is a Country Adama explains the importance of diversity in fashion by saying:
"How many black designers are there in Paris Fashion Week? None. And New York is the same. London is the same...And I’m really happy with where we’re standing now because people know that we’re not only doing it for fashion. I’m a woman of color and I’m sensitive and I do want to fight. Not because I’m black, but for entrepreneurs in Africa, because we need to develop these countries. And we women are a big part of what’s going on in the continent, so this is my part. I love fashion, that’s what I do. That’s why I come back here to Senegal, to help and support, to put Dakar in the spotlight. I think people need to give credit to African women. They’re strong and they stand really tall to pull up their countries and this continent."

Adama is an inspiration, and I am happy that she's doing the much needed work of promoting diversity in fashion. 


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