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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Five Things I Love ABout Erykah Badu's Style

1. Express Yourself
As she does in her music, Erykah expresses herself with her style. Fashion can be a powerful avenue of self expression, embrace it and use it to express who you are!

2. Be an Original
Since she first came on the scene back when I was in middle school, I've admired Erykah's originality. Erykah is nobody but herself, take it or leave it. I love that about her. This originality not only sets her apart from other musicians, it makes her stand out as an artist.

3. Own it
Some people are afraid of owning their individual style, because they're afraid others will judge them for being "too different." Yet sometimes, like Erykah, we have to embrace our difference instead of being afraid of it. Erykah was one of the few people in the public eye  to rock natural hair when it wasn't popular to do so, further in the photo below she's wearing a fade (which she does beautifully), which takes a lot of confidence to do. As "different" as Erykah style is and was, people accepted it and her, because she gave them no choice. She owned her style. Rock your style with confidence!

4. Have Fun
Honing and expressing your individual style should be fun. While you may have a signature look, why not try a different a look or a new way of wearing your hair just because. What do you have to lose? You may even like the "new" you. 

5. Take Risks
This one ties in with number 4. Part of having fun with fashion is the willingness to take risks. The fashionistas I admire tend to be risk-takers - they mix prints, colors, textures with a lot of pizazz and Erykah is no different.  



  1. E. Badu is one of my FAVORITES! Love her style and originality!


  2. She definitely moves to the beat of her own drum and that is ALWAYS fashionable!!! Love me some Erykah!!!

    7eventh Letter

  3. Yes! Erykah is dynamic and original. Gotta love her!


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