Faces of Black Fashion: Shala Monroque | Faces of Black Fashion: Faces of Black Fashion: Shala Monroque

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Faces of Black Fashion: Shala Monroque

In celebration of Black History Month, I will be featuring ladies (and perhaps gentlemen) who have made a mark in the fashion world. I am really excited about this segment, as I will get a chance to share and write about the people who've inspired me in numerous ways.  Without further adieu,  introducing Shala Monroque. 

Shala Monroque: A Beautiful Woman With A Beautiful Mind

Known for her daring vis-à-vis  impeccable fashion sense, her beauty, and her sharp mind, this St. Lucian fashion It Girl has graced the pages of numerous fashion magazines, websites and blogs. Shala is a New York based Art Consultant and the Creative Director of Garage Magazine. 

As a fellow Caribbean, I love that Shala embraces bright colors in her outfits, not only do vivid color make her outfits that more striking, as my mother would say, "bright colors look great against brown [her] skin." 

Photo Credit: Vogue

Photo Credit: Magnus Unna

 In addition to admiring her style, I also enjoy reading Shala's blog, Shala's Rabbit Hole

 It is on her blog that you really get to see Shala's brilliance come alive.   She shares her memories of her childhood in St. Lucia, her love for her family and her social commentary. You will also find loads of inspiration in excerpts from the art world, poetry, and music.  (I gave her a mental high five when I read that she's a Nina Simone fan). 

Check out this video of Shala talking about her style



  1. Thanks for sharing Shala's profile, I've come across her photos on other blogs but had no idea she is a fellow St Lucian. So proud.

  2. You're welcome, thanks so much for reading!


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