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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Style Files: Olivia Pope

I adore Kerry Washington's style, so it's thrilling to see that her character in the hit series Scandal is just as fly! Olivia's style gives the  perfect mix of class and sophistication for the modern professional woman. 

Starring: Olivia Pope

Chic, Sophisticated and Fierce.

Do you like Olivia's style?


  1. I completely love her style, my first choice for emulating! Always classic.


  2. Oh my gosh - I watch this show just as much for the fashion as for the DRAMA! In my head, I look like this everyday... in reality, I'm a busy mom who works in an office where showing up in torn jeans is acceptable:( Still, she always inspires me to step up my game!

  3. Awesome post, my FT gig is PR and I am sending product over to the wardrobe team at Scandal. Love your blog for posting positive and realistic styles from people of color. Following!

  4. Aww thanks so much! I really appreciate the positive feedback, more than you know.

  5. Love that first coat. Can you ID it?

  6. Who doesn't like Olivia!! She is awesome, gorgeous and best sense of latest fashion clothes.. I had a crush on her years ago.. :p.. Although you may become my new crush someday :p

  7. And her choice of Designer footwear was always trendy and stylish..

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