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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Introducing Christie of Living Simplistically

There are some blog you visit for fashion inspiration, some for beauty tips and some for life lessons. Living Simplistically is the blog you visit for all of that plus more. I first visited Christie's blog and spent awhile browsing and reading inspired by her style, her gorgeous natural hair and her posts about life. I was recently listening to a podcast about speaking positively only to find a great reminder on her blog. It goes without saying that I visited Christie's blog again and will keep on visiting. It's my pleasure to introduce Christie and her lovely blog, Living Simplistically

Tell us about yourself, who is Christie?
I am a Chicago-based fashion and lifestyle blogger, wife, mother, novice photographer and am always looking for ways to enhance my life, and those I come in contact with.  I am inspired to maintain a positive lifestyle in health and thought.  In my former life I was a professional dancer, and since I have 'bowed' out gracefully to retirement, I found that my need create artistically profoundly remains.  This is expressed in my clothing and my photographs.

What do you enjoy about blogging?
Honestly, I love to write.  I have always enjoyed writing but realized while finishing my degree studying at Northwestern University that my knack and love for writing increased.  Blogging has allowed me to share my life, my likes, my thoughts, my opinions, my hopes and desires for this world with others, along with my voice.  Everyone has a voice in blogging so I always strongly encourage people I know to start blogging.  I have learned a great deal about myself while on this blogger journey.  Most importantly, I love helping others.  I know one of my gifts while here on this earth is to help people and some of my posts are helpful (so I've been told).  The gift of service is all encompassing.  Helping to inspire those to live their best life, to the other end of the spectrum by helping women figure out what to wear, or how to style their natural hair.  Blogging has also allowed me to tap into some wonderful opportunities that have opened doors for me to meet some wonderfully like-minded individuals.  I am hooked!

How would you describe your style?
I am a fashion mutt and am seriously ALL over the place, but I also don't like being too predictable so it works for me.  I dress according to my mood so it varies from day to day.  I don't mean being in a bad mood versus a good mood.  Some days, I'm lighthearted and want more color.  Some days, I want a classic and timeless look, and others, I just want to be comfortable and little wild.  If I absolutely had to label my style, I would say my style is mostly bohemian with an ethnic flair.

Where do you get fashion inspiration?
I get my fashion inspiration from the current fashion trends, magazines, from fellow bloggers, from renown fashion icons (I consider) such as Audrey Hepburn, Bianca Jagger, or musicians like Lenny Kravitz.  My style can be all over, so my inspiration comes from a variety of sources.  My father is a professional photographer so I grew up around models, and stylists and paid very close attention to their style.  I might not have expressed it in my style until recently, but I learned at an early age to appreciate their basic t-shirt and jeans look, to some of their most eclectic looks.  

What are you looking forward to wear for the holiday season?
It's funny because I always look to create a wish-list of things I want until I realize there is nothing I truly wish for.  I am looking forward to taking my 8-year old to afternoon tea on Christmas Eve at the Drake in downtown Chicago.  I thought I knew what I was going to wear, but per my usual daily antics, I changed my mind.  I will say however, that I was inspired by a Dolce Gabbana dress worn by Kristin Dunst that made me pull my black lace dress for a holiday lookbook I was asked to put together.  I won't be surprised if this becomes my back-up for tea.

Anything else?
Thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to hearing from new readers.  I am always available via email if people ever want to ask questions offline.  I have found that many of my readers enjoy that aspect of following me.  I am highly accessible and am always willing to help. 
Also, you can find me (or my hand) featured in the January issue of Lucky Magazine as well as the February issue, which will print a full body shot :-)  A little bit of random info: my 11-year old son takes all of my outfit posts.  I compensate him $1, or will barter with him like washing dishes so he can take my photos.  Hey, it works but what 11-year old can say his photographs are published in a well-known magazine?  Bragging rights are priceless!

 Be sure to visit Christie's blog, HERE

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Introducing Whitney James

I sent Whitney a message to feature her the first time I visited her blog. I really liked the contrast of her style, it's classic yet she incorporates a statement maker in all of her looks - classic with a twist. It's not always easy to find that balance, many people do classic or funky/trendy, but Whitney shows us how to fabulously seamlessly do both simultaneously. It is my pleasure to introduce Whitney and her lovely blog Whitney James.

Tell us about yourself, who is Whitney?
I would say that I’m a very sensible, hardworking and fun young lady. I finding that as I get older, I’m beginning to understand what my purpose is in life and I’m very thankful for that. I’m very family oriented, I love to travel, and I enjoy vintage/thrift shopping. 

What do you enjoy most about blogging?  
I really enjoy meeting new people! Blogging has really opened up a new world for me and I’ve met some great ladies (and men) in the process. Networking and hanging out with my blogger buddies is always fun. I also love being able to share my point of view on different topics. Blogging has also allowed me to reconnect with my first love which is writing.

How would you describe your style? 
To sum it up I’d say my style is simple & clean with a twist! I love a good statement piece like a great blazer, a funky pair of shoes or a great pair of vintage earrings. Sometimes I “dare to be different” with my fashion choices and I’ll wear a bold pattern or print. I’m a HUGE fan of leopard and lately I’ve been LOVING floral prints!

What are you looking forward to wearing this holiday season?
I’m looking forward to wearing sequins, sparkles and the color red! I’m on a hunt to find a perfect vintage & sequin dress to wear for New Years Eve. Wish me luck! 

Anything else?
Feel free to follow me at the links below!
Instagram: @wnicjames

 Be Sure to check out Whitney's lovely blog HERE.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Celebrity Fall/Winter Style

Tia Mowry does leather shorts and tights

Lala Anthony parties in Vegas

Alicia Keys layered up in NY

Zoe Saldana looks casual and chic

What do you think about these looks?