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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pencil Skirts Worn Two Different Ways

This past Sunday I attendwd church with my friend Sasha. Though we didn't plan to, we both ended up wearing pencil skirts. I love pencil skirts and thing they're essential wardrobe staples.

My pencil skirt look

Sasha's look

How do you like to wear your pencil skirts?


  1. Personally appreciate the second look more because I have stubby legs so the long boot and long skirt isn't typically a look I go for. But ladies look nice =]


  2. Both are looks I would wear. The boots are more work appropriate for me. The second is something I would wear to church (on a good day).

  3. Both looks are cute!! I wear them both ways. I do love the pencil skirt with ankle strap shoes though! HOT!!

  4. you both look great! pencil skirts are so versatile!

  5. You both rocked it!! The way you all styled it works for each of your body proportions...fab looks indeed!

  6. Nice pencil cut skirts. :D Looove it..


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