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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Introducing Jeeda

One visit over to Jeeda's blog and you'll find that she embodies the definition of individual style.  Bold, confident and unique, Jeeda incorporates lots of prints, colors, textures and multiple silhouettes to hone her fabulous style. Plus she has a drool worthy shoe collection that makes me think of the quote "You can do anything you put your mind to, and you can do it in stilettos.”  Introducing the fierce and fabulous Jeeda and her blog, Swoon Blog

So, tell us about yourself who is Jeeda?
Hmmm, who is Jeeda?  Come to my blog and find out. No, no just kidding (your readers were probably like "b*tch"...LMAO), well that's Jeeda always laughing or joking about something rarely taking anything serious which is why I think my marriage has lasted as long as it has because while Jay can be quite the worry wart (aka need to relax) at times I'm the total opposite.  I have a kind of blazay outlook on many things but I guess it works...the ole' ying and the yang.  Oh, and I'm a Leo I shouldn't have to explain if you and your readers have come across a Leo or two I'm pretty sure we share a few traits (some good some bad I'm sure). Oh and I've been natural for like 5 yrs (that should earn me some cool points nowadays;)

 What can readers expect to find when they visit your blog?
It honestly depends on what's brewing upstairs when I post.  I'm not going to lie some days I'm chatty Kathy then the next you may just get an outfit with details but I always try to give my visitors a taste of my world whether it's through photos, the title of a post, music, quotes etc. and I always connect with my readers through comments or emails.  I'm a stickler when it comes to that.  I don't know for some reason I cut up in that comment section;) One of my readers emailed me after I responded to their comment and was like "you're totally different than I imagined from looking at your pictures". I can see that because I rarely smile in my pics and here's the reason why, there's no happy medium, I haven't mastered the art of grinning so it's either a harty guffaw or straight face. Anywho, I just thought that was cute. Movin' along.....

How would you describe your personal style?
I would say my personal style is a direct reflection of my personality...laid back, not too fussy, what I throw on is based on varies from day to day.  One day you may catch me in a pair of distressed boyfriends the next in a skirt.  Although my style varies you can rest assure you'll see me in a pair of heels and the laid back aesthetic is visible. 

 Where do you get fashion inspiration?
Ahhh there's so many great bloggers out here you're bound to find inspiration, street fashion is the best and a few of my style icons are Yasmin Sewell, Kate Lanphear, Esther Quek, Christine Centenera...if you check these ladies out you'll see they all possess that laid back aesthetic I love. I also work in retail (merchandising) so I'm always conjuring up ideas for marketing, merchandising  a floor, purchasing goods etc. so the creative juices are constantly flowing.
 What are you looking forward to wearing this Fall?
Layering pieces love, love, love to layer (blazers, cardigans, etc.) and tons of crap I'm finding in my closet (if you follow or have stopped by SWOON you know I've been organizing my closet for...forever) I found a pair of vintage D&G graphic jeans I can't wait to post (if I can still fit'em) as far as beauty I've been venturing out into color territory I normally stick to what I know which is anything natural/neutral so it's been fun playing with color.

 Anything else?
Why yes there is , thanks for the love my dear and thanks for providing such a great portal for us bloggers of color.  

Please visit Jeeda's blog HERE


  1. Very nice, I can appreciate her aesthetic as well as her since of humor!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Jeeda! She's gorgeous, has a great sense of humor, and fabulous style!!! Good post!

  3. Super cute! Love the bob and the makeup, and very unique style!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style
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  4. Thanks sooooo much for the feature Nika and the lovely comments ladies!! I'm currently on vacay which explains my delay of acknowledgment;) but please believe it's greatly appreciated...

  5. I love Jeeda and her blog, it was fun learning a bit more about her.

  6. LOVE IT!!

  7. Nice outfits... :) Thumbs up..


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