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Monday, August 13, 2012

Introducing Courtney of Color Me Courtney

Courtney's blog is INCREDIBLE, and I'm not sure that word in it of itself fully captures the gem that is her blog. It is meticuously designed with the right touches of creativity, her photos and style are dazzling, and her posts are fun and informative. I discovered Courtney's blog via a Facebook link, and was impressed with her individual style and her blog. I am awed by how she stylishly mixes colors and prints. Additionally, Courtney has a knack for engaging her readers with her upbeat and fun posts. It is my pleasure to introduce Courtney and her blog Color me Courtney.

So tell us about yourself, who is Courtney?
Who is Courtney, that is always a fun one to answer. My personality is really a direct reflection of my person style: I am bold, adventurous, confident, creative, curious  and above all colorful... hence the name Color Me Courtney! I just turned twenty two and am excited to see what this year has to offer! I work extremely hard (I just received my MBA in business marketing & management) and play even harder (I love to host extravagant themed dinner parties). I am always looking for my next big adventure; last year it was San Francisco and next year it will be New York! I am a shopaholic, but am also really cheap so I love to treasure hunt at thrift stores and also end up making a lot of my clothing, accessories and home decor. I am a geek at heart (I love me some harry potter) and a total book worm. I often burst into song, off key and without warning, just for the fun or it and am always dancing! I dare to be different and enjoy standing out so I walk, twirl and dress to the beat of my own drum without fear of ridicule or rejection and with a big smile on my face. Above all, I am fearless when it comes to fashion and love to share my style with everyone interested via Color Me Courtney

Who or What inspired you to start a blog?
I have always been into fashion & known for dressing outside the lines, but my mom really inspired me to start a blog. She read about some fashion challenge where a woman choose 15 articles of clothing to wear for two weeks, my mother challenged me to do the same. I am crazy competitive and always up for a challenge, so of course I resorted to make twenty days worth of clothing with only six articles of clothing while documenting my time on a blog I created. After that I was hooked! My blog has evolved quite a bit since then, and still is a continuous work in progress. Now I am continually inspired by designers (kate spade, Moschino, Trina Turk, Valentino), fellow bloggers, vintage pieces, celebrity looks (Emma Watson, Sarah Jessica Parker) & really anything else! Above all, my fabulous followers keep me inspired to continually push the envelope and produce valuable posts that can enhance their worlds & wardrobes! 

Who are your style icons? 
Well that's always a fun question to answer! First and foremost, Jacqueline Kennedy! She has a classic and timeless style that every woman can relate to. She was one of the first women to take fashionable risks while maintaining a level a sophistication and taste! Even now, women can still learn a lot from reviewing old Jackie O outfits. In white denim & a simple tee or a designer gown & pearls Jackie always made an impact while exuding confidence and a silent power that all woman can and should strive to achieve! Don't worry, I am smitten with some fashionistas from this decade as well. At the top of my list? The Adorkable Zooey Deschanel! Not only do we have some of the same pieces, but we both wear glasses and embrace our inner geek! Not far behind is Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf! Queen B is no stranger to Color Me Courtney, where she is featured and style stalked often, and who could blame me for doing so! For Blair, every day is a fashion show where she's wearing classic shapes with touches of whimsy and taking chances with colors and patterns!

What are three items that a woman needs in her closet?

Yay, necessities! Every woman needs to invest in key basics! I suggest doing so every year, because even a budget-ista can rebuild their wardrobe with a few key pieces! Black cigarette pants are a must for all! They wear well for work or weekend & can look good on any body (as long as you tailor correctly and choose fitting details: If you are tall make sure they hit slightly above the ankle, if you are curvy opt for basic back pockets and slimming side seams). Wear them with flats and a tee or high heels and a classic blouse! Show stopping soles are another closet must, If you love spots you need a pair of polka dot pumps! And if you are a leopard lady make sure you have some wild heels! Flats can be just as fun or festive if you invest in ones with great details or in a bold color. Whatever you choose for south of your ankles, make sure they are comfortable & good quality so you can wear them for life! Thirdly, button down blouses can be wardrobe workhorses! Wear them with denim, layered under sweaters, tucked into a skirt, knotted over a tank or layered under a dress... the possibilities are endless! 

What have you been wearing this summer? 
 Peplums! I first started putting the pep in my step last year, and have been all about the perfect peplum ever since! Luckily, peplum were crazy popular last spring so I was able to add some pretty peps to my closet! Peplum tops work great with pencil skirts, ciggy pants, high waisted shorts or full skirts! You can layer under or over them & synch them tight with a belt! Peplums can also be crazy flattering for a lot of body types because they pull you in while helping you look & feel thinner!

Anything else?

About Color Me Courtney: My blog is a place where I share my life & style while encouraging people to push fashion boundaries. I am dedicated to living, dressing and blogging outside the lines to deliver valuable content to women (and men) everywhere who dare to be fabulous. Fashion is all about expression and experimentation and cmc provides me with an outlet for taking chances and playing dress up! With color me courtney, I hope to brighten the worlds & wardrobes of fashionistas (or the fashionably challenged) everywhere, by sharing my style tips, tricks and over-the-top outfits, which will hopefully inspire readers to have as much fun with fashion as I do!

Be sure to visit Courtney's awesome blog HERE


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