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Friday, June 29, 2012

Introducing Chioma of Chocolatte's Evolution of Style

The first thing I noticed about Chioma's style when I visited her blog was that she's mastered the art of mixing pieces to create fashionable outfits. She also has a keen way of using incorporating accessories into her outfits (Chioma I think you should create a guide!). It is my pleasure to introduce Chioma and her fabulous blog, Chocolatte's Evolution of Style

So tell us about yourself, who is Chioma?
I’m a 20-something Nigerian-American southern lady currently living in Kentucky by way of Mississippi! I am a style blogger who is also in graduate school getting my masters in art of teaching. I am a foodie, a shopaholic, and I love to travel! I love pretty much all kinds of music and reality tv! I love my little Shichon puppy Polo so much, even when he drives me nuts! My family, boyfriend, and friends would probably say I’m smart, fun, stylish, and loyal!

What inspired you to start a style blog?
I’ve always loved fashion and admired people with great style, but something happened in 2010, I found Tumblr and the world of blogging, and became so inspired by all the fashion pictures and posts. Before long, anytime I would get inspired, I would run to my closet and try to style something similar with what I already had. After a few months of jotting so many future outfit ideas in a journal I keep on my nightstand, my boyfriend gave me the final push that I needed. He said “babe, why don’t you just start a fashion/style blog already?” And before long, I had! Since starting my blog, I’ve “met” so many wonderful ladies with similar interests like me and I have never been so inspired! I’ve had so much fun learning and watching my own personal style evolve as well watching my blog grow. As I always say, I have the best readers!

Where do you get fashion inspiration? 
I get fashion inspiration everywhere! From fellow bloggers, magazines, mannequins in store front windows, Pinterest, street style blogs, and I love to people watch!

Where do you like to shop?
I am an avid thrifter and have been collecting both thrifted and vintage pieces for years now! I would say about 60% of my wardrobe is vintage. I do sometimes indulge in trendy pieces from some of my favorite retailers like H&M, Forever21, and Target, but I have shied away from buying lower quality, trendy pieces and gravitated to investing in more quality timeless pieces to add to my wardrobe.

What are three of your favorite pieces in your closet? 
1. I love my blazer collection! I can’t wait until fall to style them; I already have so many ideas!
2. I also love my maxi skirts so much! They are super easy to style, girly, and most of all very comfortable.
3. Finally, I have developed a slight addiction to statement necklaces; they take the simplest outfit to the next level. I don’t know how I survived so long without them, the bigger and more vibrant;  the better!

What are you looking forward to wearing this summer?
I’m definitely looking forward to rocking more skirts and sundresses in vibrant colors this summer. I’m also dying to try the turban trend with my scarves on my natural hair. I will continue to mix prints and colors because it makes me happy and speaks to my personal style.

Anything else?
Thank you so much Nika, for asking me to do this feature!  I was so excited and flattered that you thought of me, I’ve been following your blog for a while and I love what you’re doing with it! And thanks to everyone for reading this, I hope to see your lovely faces on the blog soon! J

For more of Chioma's fab style, visit her blog HERE.


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