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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Introducing Jillian of Nu Sophisticate

There is no doubt about it, Jillian has "It Girl" style. An Attorney by trade, Jillian is the kind of woman I looked up to as a young girl - smart, accomplished and stylish. I always admired a woman who could hold it down academically and professionally while simultaneously look fly!   It is my pleasure to introduce Jillian and her awesome blog NuSophisticate.  I love your style Jillian, and I'm sure you ladies will too.

So tell us more about yourself, who is Jillian?
I'm an attorney by trade but I have a million other passions. I love shopping, cooking, watching Law & Order (I'm obsessed), decorating, and spending time with my brand new husband :).   

How did you get your start in blogging, tell us a little bit about your blog.
Nusophisticate started as a cool way to keep track of my outfits and to force myself to get dressed up. With work and planning my wedding, I found myself getting stuck in a fashion rut and thought starting a blog would help with that. My blog is truly a PERSONAL style blog. I'm definitely not into following trends, I just wear what I love. 

How would you describe your style? 
I like to describe my style as conservative with a twist. I love classic silhouettes that have an unconventional element (color, draping, texture, pattern, etc.)

Where do you get your style inspirations?

I get a lot of my style inspiration from my mom. Some of her old clothes are still big hits in my wardrobe :)

What are three must-haves that a woman needs in her closet?

A great pair of jeans, little black dress, and a killer pair of heels.

Anything else?
Being fashionable doesn't have anything to do with height or weight, it has everything to do with confidence.  My blog can be found at  - stop by anytime to chit-chat and if you like what you see please join my blog. 
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  1. I absolutely adore her!! So glad you introduced this stylish new blog.

  2. Hi Maggie, Thank you sooo much for your sweet comment and for visiting my blog

  3. Such an awesome style aesthetic! Thank you for sharing! I think I shall mosey on over and check out Jillian's blog.

    With Class & Sass,

  4. def loving her style!!

  5. wow im definitely going to check her blog out.. thanks for the tip!.. x

  6. Hey Jillian,

    I love your effortless chic!


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