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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Introducing Christie of Living Simplistically

There are some blog you visit for fashion inspiration, some for beauty tips and some for life lessons. Living Simplistically is the blog you visit for all of that plus more. I first visited Christie's blog and spent awhile browsing and reading inspired by her style, her gorgeous natural hair and her posts about life. I was recently listening to a podcast about speaking positively only to find a great reminder on her blog. It goes without saying that I visited Christie's blog again and will keep on visiting. It's my pleasure to introduce Christie and her lovely blog, Living Simplistically

Tell us about yourself, who is Christie?
I am a Chicago-based fashion and lifestyle blogger, wife, mother, novice photographer and am always looking for ways to enhance my life, and those I come in contact with.  I am inspired to maintain a positive lifestyle in health and thought.  In my former life I was a professional dancer, and since I have 'bowed' out gracefully to retirement, I found that my need create artistically profoundly remains.  This is expressed in my clothing and my photographs.

What do you enjoy about blogging?
Honestly, I love to write.  I have always enjoyed writing but realized while finishing my degree studying at Northwestern University that my knack and love for writing increased.  Blogging has allowed me to share my life, my likes, my thoughts, my opinions, my hopes and desires for this world with others, along with my voice.  Everyone has a voice in blogging so I always strongly encourage people I know to start blogging.  I have learned a great deal about myself while on this blogger journey.  Most importantly, I love helping others.  I know one of my gifts while here on this earth is to help people and some of my posts are helpful (so I've been told).  The gift of service is all encompassing.  Helping to inspire those to live their best life, to the other end of the spectrum by helping women figure out what to wear, or how to style their natural hair.  Blogging has also allowed me to tap into some wonderful opportunities that have opened doors for me to meet some wonderfully like-minded individuals.  I am hooked!

How would you describe your style?
I am a fashion mutt and am seriously ALL over the place, but I also don't like being too predictable so it works for me.  I dress according to my mood so it varies from day to day.  I don't mean being in a bad mood versus a good mood.  Some days, I'm lighthearted and want more color.  Some days, I want a classic and timeless look, and others, I just want to be comfortable and little wild.  If I absolutely had to label my style, I would say my style is mostly bohemian with an ethnic flair.

Where do you get fashion inspiration?
I get my fashion inspiration from the current fashion trends, magazines, from fellow bloggers, from renown fashion icons (I consider) such as Audrey Hepburn, Bianca Jagger, or musicians like Lenny Kravitz.  My style can be all over, so my inspiration comes from a variety of sources.  My father is a professional photographer so I grew up around models, and stylists and paid very close attention to their style.  I might not have expressed it in my style until recently, but I learned at an early age to appreciate their basic t-shirt and jeans look, to some of their most eclectic looks.  

What are you looking forward to wear for the holiday season?
It's funny because I always look to create a wish-list of things I want until I realize there is nothing I truly wish for.  I am looking forward to taking my 8-year old to afternoon tea on Christmas Eve at the Drake in downtown Chicago.  I thought I knew what I was going to wear, but per my usual daily antics, I changed my mind.  I will say however, that I was inspired by a Dolce Gabbana dress worn by Kristin Dunst that made me pull my black lace dress for a holiday lookbook I was asked to put together.  I won't be surprised if this becomes my back-up for tea.

Anything else?
Thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to hearing from new readers.  I am always available via email if people ever want to ask questions offline.  I have found that many of my readers enjoy that aspect of following me.  I am highly accessible and am always willing to help. 
Also, you can find me (or my hand) featured in the January issue of Lucky Magazine as well as the February issue, which will print a full body shot :-)  A little bit of random info: my 11-year old son takes all of my outfit posts.  I compensate him $1, or will barter with him like washing dishes so he can take my photos.  Hey, it works but what 11-year old can say his photographs are published in a well-known magazine?  Bragging rights are priceless!

 Be sure to visit Christie's blog, HERE

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Introducing Whitney James

I sent Whitney a message to feature her the first time I visited her blog. I really liked the contrast of her style, it's classic yet she incorporates a statement maker in all of her looks - classic with a twist. It's not always easy to find that balance, many people do classic or funky/trendy, but Whitney shows us how to fabulously seamlessly do both simultaneously. It is my pleasure to introduce Whitney and her lovely blog Whitney James.

Tell us about yourself, who is Whitney?
I would say that I’m a very sensible, hardworking and fun young lady. I finding that as I get older, I’m beginning to understand what my purpose is in life and I’m very thankful for that. I’m very family oriented, I love to travel, and I enjoy vintage/thrift shopping. 

What do you enjoy most about blogging?  
I really enjoy meeting new people! Blogging has really opened up a new world for me and I’ve met some great ladies (and men) in the process. Networking and hanging out with my blogger buddies is always fun. I also love being able to share my point of view on different topics. Blogging has also allowed me to reconnect with my first love which is writing.

How would you describe your style? 
To sum it up I’d say my style is simple & clean with a twist! I love a good statement piece like a great blazer, a funky pair of shoes or a great pair of vintage earrings. Sometimes I “dare to be different” with my fashion choices and I’ll wear a bold pattern or print. I’m a HUGE fan of leopard and lately I’ve been LOVING floral prints!

What are you looking forward to wearing this holiday season?
I’m looking forward to wearing sequins, sparkles and the color red! I’m on a hunt to find a perfect vintage & sequin dress to wear for New Years Eve. Wish me luck! 

Anything else?
Feel free to follow me at the links below!
Instagram: @wnicjames

 Be Sure to check out Whitney's lovely blog HERE.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Celebrity Fall/Winter Style

Tia Mowry does leather shorts and tights

Lala Anthony parties in Vegas

Alicia Keys layered up in NY

Zoe Saldana looks casual and chic

What do you think about these looks?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Introducing: Intoxicating Vixen

 There's nothing like having a great dress or two (or three) in your closet. With the holiday season at hand, great dresses are ever so necessary for the many upcoming festivities. Thus I am excited to introduce you to Intoxicating Vixen, a fab  online boutique that carries a beautiful election of clothes and accessories that will definitely unleash your inner vixen. I really like the Goddess Dress.  To top it off, the prices are very reasonable plus there’s a 15% off sale going on until 12/21/2012 with the code “THANKS”   It is my pleasure to introduce Intoxicating Vixen and its owner, Shimika.

Tell us about yourself, who is Shimika?
I’m a 30 year old mother to a 5 year old angel (sometimes monster, depending on the day). A Bostonian minus the horrible accent that comes along with that title.   In my spare time I’m usually enjoying a peaceful home, lol with an energetic son, it’s a pretty rare occurrence.  My newfound hobby is cooking, I hosted thanksgiving dinner this year at my house and to my surprise all the food was gone! I’ve already volunteered to host Christmas dinner as well! 

What inspired you to open Intoxicating Vixen?
After I became a mother I lost touch with myself and who I was, this happens to a lot of moms and women in general.  We give so much of ourselves to the people in our lives that that we forget about ourselves.  One day I looked in the mirror and I no longer saw the young lady that I used to know, what I saw was someone who had long forgotten how beautiful womanhood can be.  I wanted to get back in touch with my inner vixen while helping other women as well.  That’s how Intoxicating Vixen was born!

I love the name of your boutique! What's the inspiration behind it?
The name always makes people look twice! As women we are naturally born with the power to intoxicate the world with the softest touch of our hands, a deadly walk in 5 inch heels, or just a mysterious glance with our eyes. I wanted my customers to know that when they wear a piece from my boutique they are embracing the essence of their womanhood, as a true vixen should.

What can customers expect to find when shopping your boutique?
My Boutique has quite a variety.  I try to stay away from trendy pieces as I want to carry things that people can get today and still wear 10 years from now.  I always want my customers to own the dress, not have the dress own the wearer…so I get a lot of items that you have a lot of room to incorporate your own unique style with accessories.  Two women could have on the same dress and have completely different looks with it.

Are there any items that you'd recommend for the upcoming holiday season?
There are actually a few items that I would recommend. My newest piece “Belle” is PERFECT for the holiday, it features an embellished mesh top with a criss/cross backing.  This piece would put all of your currently owned “Little Black Dresses” to shame and into retirement for good.

If you are the type of women that enjoys the spotlight, “Glitz” is amazing as well. It’s a gold sequined dress that ensures all eyes will be on you.  

Another outfit that I highly recommend for the holidays is “Sunrise Martini” paired with the “Iconic” blazer, these two pieces were meant for each other.  It’s eccentric in a beautiful way.  This pairing is for the lady who is not afraid of color.


Anything Else?
Thank you so much Nika for this opportunity.  I admire your work and your dedication to connecting black women together.  It’s a great honor to be featured on your blog! 

Be sure to check out Shimika's fab boutique HERE

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Looking Chic During Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and many of us are still trying to decide on what to wear for Thanksgiving dinner. It's an impression making time of year, whether it's going home to meet the beau's parents for the first time or spending time with family/friends you haven't seen in months or years looking good is apart of making that impression. So here are a few dinner outfit ideas to help you start out on the right foot. 

Casually Chic

If you are going for a look that's casual and chic, you can never go wrong with a blazer and tights/jeans. I chose tights, because it's a lot more forgiving on the waistline when it begins to expand ;). A blazer is a great way to upgrade a casual outfit with a touch of sophistication. Complete the look with boots, heels or ballet flats and you're good to go.


All Dressed Up

If you're going for a look that's all dressed up and lovely, a flattering dress in a jewel toned color is a great and festive option. Jewel toned colors will look great a against your skin and this dress is sophisticated and classy. Further, because it's not fitted it gives you enough room to enjoy your meal without the added discomfort a tighter dress could create. (You can find a similar dress HERE and HERE.)

After the beach, outfit to dinner out!

Funky Fresh

For those of you who prefer a look that's more funky and avant garde at Thanksgiving, mixing prints, colors, patterns and fabric is a good place to start. It's also great way to express your individual style . (HERE's a leopard print skirt to get you started).

Tricky Trend: Mix of prints and colors

Have a Fabulous Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Where in the World Have I Been?

I know. It's been awhile, and I know some of you have been wondering.

In the past couple of weeks I had been getting ready for my big move. This true blue New Yorker moved across the country to L.A.!!!!! I still pinch myself, I didn't see this happening, but when I got an offer to moved to L.A. for a year, I jumped at the opportunity. Why not? I thought, this is the opportune time in my life to do it. So far, I like L.A. I've already checked out the fashion district and the weather is awesome! This is me yesterday in Griffith Park, I can't believe it's November and I'm not bundled up in a coat.

So now that I've moved and settling in, I'll be back to posting. Until then stay tuned!!!

P.S. To the L.A. readers and lovers, if you have any suggestions on places to check out in L.A., please let me know!!!


Friday, October 19, 2012

Introducing Delecia of Style De La Creme

Delecia's style is Haute. Haute mi seh! Like me, she's Jamaican so you know I had to use some patois in my intro ;).  Her blog is filled with inspiration, a look at the first page alone, and you'll find Delecia mixing prints, colors and textures flawlessly.  I just love her fearless style.Oh, and I can't forget the information she provides about NYC's upcoming sample sales. If you are an NYC fashionista, I know you'll agree that such info are gems. It's my pleasure to introduce you to Delecia and her lovely blog, Style De La Creme

So tell us about yourself, who is Delecia?
I'm a NYC girl (originally from Jamaica)  full of energy, vivacious and outgoing....Did I mention I'm a shopaholic? My latest hobby is photography which syncs well with having a style blog. Some of my favorite things to do include shopping, traveling, I'm a total foodie and I love fitness. My greatest obsession has always been with fashion. So visit www.StyleDeLaCreme.com to see my take on mixing prints and how I put a spin on my looks.

What inspired you to start a blog?  
Between working full time and planning my wedding, I wanted to have a creative outlet to indulge in what I loved most....FASHION. This blog serves as a brainchild of my intuitive knack and passion for all things fashion. StyleDeLaCreme features the same sophistication you'd see on Madison Ave or the cutting edge chic of a Soho on a smaller budget. This blog is also dedicated to sharing how I build my wardrobe with highs and lows by announcing all the designer sample sales happening in NYC. Now every girl can afford to look Madison Ave chic at a fraction of the cost.

How would you describe your style? 
My style is sporty, chic and elegant but always with an edge.

Where do you get fashion inspiration? 
I'm inspired by street style fashion in NYC, fashion magazines and other style bloggers.

What are you  wearing this Fall?
The coolest addition to my Fall Collection is an awesome knee length Cape I scored at the last DKNY sample sale over the summer. The 3/4 length mimics a trench coat style but when it's belted, it's perfect for both casual and dressy days.

Be sure to check out Delecia's lovely blog, HERE.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Introducing Joy of Joy Loves Fashion

Some people just have  the "it" factor. Joy definitely has it. She has that je ne se quois of style that is bold, unique, trendsetting and in a class of it's own. You'll find tons of inspiration on Joy's blog. Just as an example, she gave me the inspiration to mix prints and patterns flawlessly.  It is my pleasure to introduce you to Joy and her blog Joy Loves Fashion

So tell us about yourself, who is Joy?
I am a Nigerian-American fashion stylist, image consultant and style blogger. As an image consultant, I help men and women look stylish all year round! My blog is JoyLovesFashion.com

What inspired you to start a blog?  

I've always loved being able to inspire people with my style and creating a blog was a way to build a platform to showcase it! It's been 3 years this month since I started it and it's been a wonderful ride!

How would you describe your style? 
Print-obsessed, Spontaneous, Vintage-inspired and FUN! Always has to be fun :) And, I'm in love with turbans!

Where do you get fashion inspiration? 
My mom gave me many of her clothes from the late 70s, 80s and that has definitely shaped my style. She is my style inspiration for sure! I even dedicated an entire post on my blog to her vintage swag! She's a natural fashionista for sure!

What are you looking forward to wearing this Fall?
Leather everything! Pants, dresses, skirts...can't get enough! Can you believe that I wore a leather dress and 3 leather skirts for New York Fashion Week?! Loved it!

Anything else?
Thanks so much for the fab feature!!! I'd love for you all to follow me on instagram: @joy_adaeze and twitter @joyadaeze. 

 Check out Joy's  fab blog HERE

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pencil Skirts Worn Two Different Ways

This past Sunday I attendwd church with my friend Sasha. Though we didn't plan to, we both ended up wearing pencil skirts. I love pencil skirts and thing they're essential wardrobe staples.

My pencil skirt look

Sasha's look

How do you like to wear your pencil skirts?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Introducing Keshia of Le Blog de Keshia

Before I introduce the next lovely blogger, I want to take the time to say a quick hello and welcome to the new readers of BFB. Thank you so much for reading and following, it means a lot to me!

I discovered Keshia's blog a little over a month ago and immediately loved the refreshing Isophistication and clean silhouettes depicted in her style. I was in awe by the way Keshia nails down the classic yet stylish look given that she's only 19! I'm really impressed,and you will see what I mean when you check out her blog. So it's my pleasure to introduce you to Keshia and her lovely blog Le Blog de Keshia.

So tell us about yourself, who is Keshia?
My name is Keshia, I'm 19 years old, student. I live in the north of France in Lille!I'm from reunion island, india and the Democratic of Congo. I love the world of fashion and sport in particular that I practice athletics since the age of 9 years.

What inspired you to start a blog?

What inspired me to start my blog are other online blogs that I could see.

How would you describe your style?

I dress according to my desires of the day ... One day I can have a look Boyfriend, Glamour, but Hippie chic, preppy or Neo Pop or Rock!

Where do you get fashion inspiration?

I find inspiration in the street, fashion blogs, social networks speaking mode.

What are three of your favorite pieces in your closet?
A blazer bimaterial with epaulet I bought lately, zara bag that is part of the last purchases and also a lace dress zara!

Anything else?

Thank you for inviting me to answer your questions! For all your readers I invite you to see my blog, www.shiia-m.blogspot.com. I opened a facebook fan page. (if you have one, send it to me;)! )- And if you can also follow me on Twitter @ KeshiaLGVSee you soon, Kisses:-D!

Check out Keshia's lovely blog HERE.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Stylistas Spotted at NYFW

New York Fashion Week is in full swing and fashionistas and celebs are out in their full style glory. What do you think of the NYFW looks below? 

Angela Simmons

Alicia Keys rocking post Labor Day white


Model Jessica White

JHud looking fab in Green

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Introducing Jeeda

One visit over to Jeeda's blog and you'll find that she embodies the definition of individual style.  Bold, confident and unique, Jeeda incorporates lots of prints, colors, textures and multiple silhouettes to hone her fabulous style. Plus she has a drool worthy shoe collection that makes me think of the quote "You can do anything you put your mind to, and you can do it in stilettos.”  Introducing the fierce and fabulous Jeeda and her blog, Swoon Blog

So, tell us about yourself who is Jeeda?
Hmmm, who is Jeeda?  Come to my blog and find out. No, no just kidding (your readers were probably like "b*tch"...LMAO), well that's Jeeda always laughing or joking about something rarely taking anything serious which is why I think my marriage has lasted as long as it has because while Jay can be quite the worry wart (aka need to relax) at times I'm the total opposite.  I have a kind of blazay outlook on many things but I guess it works...the ole' ying and the yang.  Oh, and I'm a Leo I shouldn't have to explain if you and your readers have come across a Leo or two I'm pretty sure we share a few traits (some good some bad I'm sure). Oh and I've been natural for like 5 yrs (that should earn me some cool points nowadays;)

 What can readers expect to find when they visit your blog?
It honestly depends on what's brewing upstairs when I post.  I'm not going to lie some days I'm chatty Kathy then the next you may just get an outfit with details but I always try to give my visitors a taste of my world whether it's through photos, the title of a post, music, quotes etc. and I always connect with my readers through comments or emails.  I'm a stickler when it comes to that.  I don't know for some reason I cut up in that comment section;) One of my readers emailed me after I responded to their comment and was like "you're totally different than I imagined from looking at your pictures". I can see that because I rarely smile in my pics and here's the reason why, there's no happy medium, I haven't mastered the art of grinning so it's either a harty guffaw or straight face. Anywho, I just thought that was cute. Movin' along.....

How would you describe your personal style?
I would say my personal style is a direct reflection of my personality...laid back, not too fussy, what I throw on is based on mood...it varies from day to day.  One day you may catch me in a pair of distressed boyfriends the next in a skirt.  Although my style varies you can rest assure you'll see me in a pair of heels and the laid back aesthetic is visible. 

 Where do you get fashion inspiration?
Ahhh there's so many great bloggers out here you're bound to find inspiration, street fashion is the best and a few of my style icons are Yasmin Sewell, Kate Lanphear, Esther Quek, Christine Centenera...if you check these ladies out you'll see they all possess that laid back aesthetic I love. I also work in retail (merchandising) so I'm always conjuring up ideas for marketing, merchandising  a floor, purchasing goods etc. so the creative juices are constantly flowing.
 What are you looking forward to wearing this Fall?
Layering pieces love, love, love to layer (blazers, cardigans, etc.) and tons of crap I'm finding in my closet (if you follow or have stopped by SWOON you know I've been organizing my closet for...forever) I found a pair of vintage D&G graphic jeans I can't wait to post (if I can still fit'em) as far as beauty I've been venturing out into color territory I normally stick to what I know which is anything natural/neutral so it's been fun playing with color.

 Anything else?
Why yes there is , thanks for the love my dear and thanks for providing such a great portal for us bloggers of color.  

Please visit Jeeda's blog HERE