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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Introducing: Ticka - Spoon Full of Sugar

Everyone knows that being a mother and a wife can keep a woman's hands pretty full. As a result, I really admire women who manage to fulfill those roles and stay fabulous at the same time. Shanticka of Ticka- Spoon Full of Sugar is one of those women - one visit to her blog and you will find a woman living a full life while staying fabulous!   

So tell us more about yourself, who is Shanticka?
I'm a 30 something, fun loving wife, mother, sister and friend. I love hanging with friends and drinking wine (we have a monthly gathering). I like movies, walks around the lake (don't laugh, cause it's true, lol), blogging and chilling at home.

How did you get your start in blogging, tell us a little bit about your blog.
I started blogging because I found myself in a place where I really needed a hobby. I couldn't find anything that interested me that I wanted to dedicate my time to. The very first personal style blog that I came across  was completly on accident. I did a search trying to find the perfect pair of jeans (which most of us have issues with), and there was "Saks in the City". The personal style blog of a beautiful young lady in Paris. I didn't know such a thing existed! From that day, I was hooked! I looked at as many blogs as I could, then one day... I thought, I could do that too! Why not?!

My blog mainly consists of pics of my personal style along with a few random ramblings about my life. I hope to inspire the everyday working woman, curvy or not to look great while taking care of business and/or kids. My blog also helps keep my style in check, even when making a run to Target. Because of blogging, I have found more ways than ever to remix things in my closet, and pair certain items with others that I would have never tried before.

How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as comfy/cute with a splash of fab! lol! I'm trying more and more color everyday, as I'm usually drawn to earth tones and black.

Where do you get your style inspirations?
My style inspiration comes from everything around me nowadays. Even my 12 year old daughter! And of course there's my fellow sisters in blogosphere. Since blogging, I have grown to understand the style of others more and more. I see beauty and "style" in pieces that I would have never picked up before.

What will you be wearing this holiday season?
This holiday season, I will more than likely be wearing jeans or leggings, boots and a nice cozy sweater. It will be kept simple and cute, as I don't have any fancy parties to attend =(.

I am absolutely in love with blogging, and reading about all of the other fabulous ladies who have taken this on, and put themselves out there for the world to see. Lets keep it up ladies! You inspire me!

Thank you Shanticka!!! Please check out her blog HERE.


  1. Awww! Awesome feature! The blogosphere is so intriguing. I love "meeting" so many people that are as interested in fashion as I am. I follow Ticka's blog and will now follow your's too chickadee!


  2. great blog! following you now...
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  3. great blog!!! following you now...
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  4. Awesome-ness!!!!! Congrats again Ticka!!!!!

    ~I already follow Ticka's blog & now I'm a new follower here!!!! I absolutely LOVE linking up and supporting the blog community!

  5. Thank you ladies!! @Lynn, there's nothing like getting out here and supporting each other. I am so grateful.

  6. i love ticka! she looks amazing!

    Great blog! I'm definitely following you! I hope you'll visit my blog and follow me too! :o)

  7. Great feature Ticka, I'm always excited to see my blogger friends featured and introduced to more and more wonderful people! Blogging has been one of the best things to happen to me in 2011 and I'm excited to see what new ideas and inspiration u all provide in 2012!

    Love this blog!

  8. Very nice interview, go Ticka! Never been to this site before but i'll definitely check it out! Hopefully i can get a feature in 2012;-)

    Happy New year!
    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  9. Congrats Ticka on the feature...go gurl!!!



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