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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Introducing: Kasidy of The Fresh Factor

The moment I visited Kasidy's blog, The Fresh Factor, I knew I wanted to feature her. Her style is simultaneously vibrant, classy and funky, and I wanted others to see the gem of a blog I had found. Thanks so much for sharing your style with us Kasidy. Without further ado, here's  the lovely Kasidy of The Fresh Factor.
So tell us more about yourself, who is Kasidy?
 All-in-all I'm a pretty laid back chick who enjoys expression of self through all things creative. I love to sing, I act, I'm an avid salsa dancer, and  a wanna-be interrior designer. I can be awkward. I laugh at my own jokes. I try to frequently engage in awesomeness. I make up words. Also, I love my three C's (cookies, cupcakes, and cheesecake) probably a little too much. I can't help myself ya'll. Well, I probably could, but I  really don't want to.
How did you get your start in blogging, why a style blog?
A friend of mine commented that she liked the things I wore and suggested I start a style blog which sounded like a fun idea! After I started it, I was a bit uncomfortable with the idea that people were coming to the site to simply look at me and my clothes. I wanted there to be a greater purpose so I incorprated something else very near to my heart, volunteerism and community service.  I love that style is an outward representation of the inward you, it doesn't have to be what's trendy or expensive, it just has to be what's you! It's a fun thing to unite people through.
How would you describe your style? 
I do a lot of thrifting and vintage shopping, but I like to put a modern or random element to things. Sometimes it can be quite classic, but I usually try to throw a little funkyness in there. I'm very much a mood driven dresser. One day I'll wear a nice vintage dress and lovely heels, and the next it will be ripped jeans and a headwrap. It just depends on the day. 
What are three must haves a woman needs for her closet?
1. A go-to pair of heels - I tend to like funky shoes, but I have 2 more subdued pair that go with everything. And I wear them with everything.
2. A great jacket - A great motercyle jacket can add a little edge to an outfit in an instant! Plus it keeps you warm, which is important in a place like Minnesota.
3. A fancy-shmancy coctail dress - I don't hit many parties, but it's one of those things wear you don't think about it until you need it. It's great to have a stand-by to be able to whip out just in case.

What will you be wearing this holiday season?
Sparkles are great for the holidays. Sequin tops and sparkly jewelry is a great way bring in the holiday spirit. Also, since the average temperatre in winter is something like 16°F (which makes me think about moving every single year), a lot of heavy fabrics like wool and lots of tights!

Anything else?
Thanks so much for this opportunity!  I feel like I should say something wise your veggies!

See more of Kasidy's fabulous style at The Fresh Factor


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