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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Buy Black: Introducing Tasha of Belle Butters

Still looking for an awesome gift for someone special in your life? Want to try luxurious hair and skin products? Want to have soft supple skin this winter? Look no further! Just head on over to Belle Butters. I first came across Belle Butters on Twitter as a bunch of people in my timeline were giving the products rave reviews. So I  decided to check out the website and just wanted to add all that I saw  to my shopping cart, everything looked so scrumptious!!!  Without further adieu I would like to introduce you to Tasha Burton, the Owner and Operator of Belle Butters, LLC.   

So tell us about Belle Butters

Belle Butters is a handmade hair and body care company that I started in late 2009. I was feeling complacent at work, and received many questions about what I put on my hair. Some of us have the patience to mix things up and some of us do not. So, I took this as an opportunity to supplement my income and to also challenge myself, to break up the monotony of my full-time job. I took half of my pay check to get started and gave myself 30 days to get my online shop up and running. I had my shop online and ready to go, in 28 days.

What do your customers love about your products, what do you love about your products?

My customers love the texture of my products. They love it because it has a very luxurious feel, as if the jar of butter should cost an upwards of $30-$50. I put a lot of research into my products and I take my time and this translates to my customers. I love receiving e-mails about how my product helped a customer with a skin issue that they've had their entire life. To think, that something I made, with my hands, helped to relieve someone of something they were suffering from. There really is nothing out there that compares to that feeling. What I love about my products, is the ability to create something different. Creation is so powerful and not having the restraints on me (i.e, someone telling me what I can/can't make) allows me to take interest in ingredients that I think most people would not consider to use on their skin.

Do you have any product recommendations for first time customers?

For first time customers, I usually like to start them off with my top-sellers, the Unyevu Butter and the Double Agent Butter. Both butters are very creamy, have their own unique properties and if you don't love one, you'll love the other. If butters aren't their thing, I suggest the Dous Te Bath & Body Oil or the Lady Belle Solid Perfume.

Anything else?

The only thing I'd like to add, is a bit of advice for those who are afraid to start their own business or start to work for themselves, pursue their passion, etc. First, it doesn't take a lot of money. Many people feel that you need a loan or a thousand dollars to start a business, and I started it with half of my paycheck at the time, a little over $400. Letting go of your fear is also important. I learned very early on, that I cannot satisfy everyone. There is going to be someone who dislikes your work or speaks negatively about it. There isn't much you can do, but say you're sorry and keep it moving. Dwelling on the fear or negativity brings your vibrations down and directs your energy to something you can't benefit from.

I'd also like to say that your age does not determine what you will achieve in life. I know for a fact, that there are many things I plan to do, besides running my business and age will not put a stop to it. Lastly, my motto from the beginning has been, do what you love until the last heartbeat. I will continue to do what I love no matter what. Society has us trained that we should retire or work for so many years and then just stop. Stopping for me, means no more creating, no more learning and I don't think I could do that. If you love something, would you just let it go? I wouldn't.

Thank you Tasha! So lovelies head on over to Belle Butters to see what all the rave is about!

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