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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blogger Feature: Like Mousse Au Chocolat

  The first time I visited Like Mousse Au Chocolat (what a lovely blog name), I immediately hit the follow button. I love Abigael's style, it's unique, it's edgy and she owns it.  Meet the lovely Abigael, a stunner from the Congo who is soon to be married. Congrats Abigael!!!
So tell us more about yourself, who is Abigael? 
I´m a person who love God, love her family and her fiancé a lot. Don´t forget my passion called fashion, I just love going shopping, I get automatically to a good mood.

How did you get your start in blogging, why did you decide to start a style/fashion blog? 
I decided starting blogging about fashion because I love making myself beautiful and to take pictures ! Now I got my blog about 8 months and it´s such a fun to share all these posts with other bloggers. I get a lot of inspirations from other fashion lovers too,it´s just amazing !
How would you describe your style? 
My style I would describe it in only 3 words, MOUSSE AU CHOCOLAT, lol it´s just my own style! 

What are three must haves a woman needs for her closet? 
Three must haves a woman needs for her closet are a jeans, chic high heels and the sexy black dress !!

What trends in fashion/beauty are you currently enjoying?
 I´m currently enjoying the African trend, you know all these Ankara dresses etc, wonderful!

Anything else?
 I´m 27 years old, from Congo,living in Germany/France and I´m getting married soon :D

Check out Abigael's blog Here


  1. I appreciate these posts sooo much because I get to follow the HAWT black fashion blogs!!! cute blog name even cuter blogger

  2. thank you ladies and thanks to BFB again bisous


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