Faces of Black Fashion

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

How to Style Your Pixie Cut

I'm currently rocking a pixie cut, and when I need help styling, I visit Youtube. Here, Youtubber, Larissa shows us how to style a pixie into faux hawk. I love this look! Enjoy the video. 

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Insecure's Costume Designer, Ayanna James

An all around amazing show (Yea Issa Rae!!!), I look forward to watching Insecure on Sunday nights. I can relate to some of the struggles the characters face as they maneuver life, relationships, careers and friendships. There are wins and losses, misgivings, missteps, lessons (hopefully learned),harsh realities, and nuances that make the characters deeply human. Additionally, there's style. I would LOVE Molly's work wardrobe please. Also, can I have Issa's collection of T-shirts?

In comes, Ayanna James, a Stylist and Costume Designer for the series. The Jamaican born stylist received her bachelor's degree in Bio-Chemistry, but as life would have it,she became a Stylist after moving to L.A. with her family. James has been working with Issa Rae for the past five years and styles her both on and off screen, and we've seen the amazing transformation of Issa from Awkward Black Girl to a Grown Woman who is honing and owning her style, and we love it! Clearly, having Ayanna on her team works!

Below are a few of Issa's looks tha Ayanna styled. See more of Ayanna's work on her website and her Instagram Profile.

Loved this looked from Season 2, Episode 2.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Black Pinup Model- Angelique Noire

Today we celebrate vintage pinup superstar and model, Angelique Noire,  for creating and defining a niche for herself as a black pinup model. Angelique's instagram page provides tons of inspiration for classic feminine style from the 1920s-1960s style. I enjoy the form-fitting classy dresses, beautiful updos and curls, the cat-eye black liner and the red lipstick. This brown-skinned beauty paved her own path and is paving the way for other black pinup models and phot-by-photo showcases  beauty that is often underrepresented in the pinup and modeling world. Below I'm sharing a few photos from Angelique Instagram page:

Inspired by Angelique's style? Here are a few dresses to get you started!